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The Parts of Manifestation You May Be Missing

Happy New Year Fulfilled Femme!

I hope you had the best holiday season.

In lieu of it being one of the first days of the year, let's talk about manifestation.

It's such a huge topic of discussion since New Year's Resolutions are being set if they haven't been already!

In case you aren't familiar with manifestation let's define it, shall we?

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is the process of aligning with what it is that you truly desire. It is the process of co-creating with the universe something you want.

To manifest it's important to be clear about what you want, visualize it, ask the universe for it, and take steps aligned with creating it.

The parts we talk most about in manifesting are intention setting, the Law of Attraction, connecting to our goal, and embodiment of who we need to be to receive our manifestation.

Are they all important? YES, AND today the conversation may sound a little different.

We have such strong desires to achieve what we are manifesting. We can spend time reverse engineering how we feel the path "should" look like. When things don't go the way we thought they would, it can cause some hangups.

What are they you may ask?

1) Mistrust

2) Impatience

3) Doubt

4) Controlling the outcome

5) Scarcity Mindset

Can you relate to these? Having expectations not being met and having these feelings coming up? Maybe that's what happened with some of your manifestations for 2023!

It's normal. I have experienced this many times in my journey. I used to take goal setting and reverse engineering goals very seriously. When things didn't go according to plan I admit I would get caught up in all I mentioned above.

Manifestation vision board

Through my journey, I learned lots of lessons about manifestation. I realized outside of the main parts of manifestation we talk about most, there are some missing things that aren't talked about enough when it comes to this topic.

I am excited to share them with you today so that after you set your intentions for the year you can embody these frames of mind to help you with your manifestation process.

The Parts of Manifestation You May Be Missing

1) The importance of trusting your inner power and the divine.

No matter what plot twists come up along the way, there is no need to doubt yourself and the divine. There is a divine plan for everything.

Everything always happens for your highest and best good. When moments come up that make you feel powerless, remember there may be divine lessons in these tough times getting you closer to whatever you are manifesting. They help you remember your power.

When things haven't happened the way you expected, there may be something even bigger and better than you ever thought there could be in the works.

You might not just see it yet. Whatever is meant for you will come to you.

2) Divine timing is always at play.

Our timelines may not be in accordance with divine time.

There may be a divine pause for key lessons you need to receive your manifestation.

Just like in high school, when you take prerequisite courses for college or university, life can have those too. We may have prerequisite lessons that we need to prepare us for all we are meant to do, be , and have in life.

When things don't happen in the time you thought they would pause and look for the lesson in it.

3) When you feel like you've surrendered, surrender more.

There is power in letting go of all the "could've, should've, would'ves."

Ultimately letting go of controlling the outcome. Control is an illusion.

Don't suffocate your manifestations with expectations. Instead, shift from expectation to appreciation.

Appreciate the unfolding, lessons, and timing of how it is all meant to unfold.

When you catch yourself in a control loop or disappointment lean on faith instead.

4) Feeling abundant and secure no matter what's happening on the outside.

Instead of getting caught up in not having it yet, see the abundance in the journey.

The abundance of opportunity, possibilities, and lessons. Feel the abundance of being one with what you want and taking aligned actions too.

The more you are in scarcity, the more you will attract scarcity. Feel secure, and abundant within to attract it into your external world.

manifest and chill candle

These lessons are all key to manifesting to keep you in the frequency of trust, faith, surrender, abundance, and divine timing.

These are the states to focus on in the journey of your manifestation coming into form.

I hope you loved this week's blog post. Wishing you the most soulfully successful 2024!

Love and Light,


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