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Self-Empowerment Tools for Entrepreneurs

Heyy Fulfilled Femme,

Happy Tuesday!

As entrepreneurs, we’re often starting the journey on our own, so it’s incredibly important to have ways to empower yourself as you face the roller coaster ride of owning your own business.

Every business has its share of the highest highs and lowest lows.

In months that clients are rolling in, the impact is high and creativity flows. Other things are slow, and moments can feel dark, quiet, and introspective which we learn are greatest lessons.

Through it all it's important to empower yourself every step of the way!

When you are empowered, you will find yourself in flow. And when you’re in flow, you naturally attract the people you are meant to help and reach your truest potential.

When you are not empowered, you probably find yourself stuck in self-doubt and question every decision you make, struggling to run and grow your business. That can create stagnancy and put limits on the truest fulfillment you can experience as a spiritual entrepreneur.

empowered woman

So how can you practice self-empowerment as an entrepreneur?

Here are 3 Self-Empowerment Tools for Entrepreneurs:

1. Empower your mind.

There is a reason affirmations are so popular. They are a great tool to empower your mind, In order to really dial in your self-empowerment, you need your affirmations to be in alignment with what exactly you’re working towards.

Instead of just saying, “I am strong, I am confident, I am healthy,” try something that is specific to your goals.

Your affirmations should be current, and empowering, and they excite you when you say them.

To do this, create ones that are in complete alignment with you. To do that think of an area you want to improve on. Have it top of mind and see if there are any thoughts that aren't in alignment with that.

Then, play the opposite game and write down empowering thoughts in the present tense using "I am/have" and recite them consistently.

For example, if you are working on having a positive mindset, create affirmations that are the opposites of the negative thoughts you are trying to shift. Like, I am an empowered woman. My life is filled with positivity. I attract positive things into my life.

If you are looking to shift self-doubt try adding an affirmation like, "I believe in myself fully and completely."

The more you repeat them, the more you begin to embody them. But don’t be afraid to change them if there is a more current, aligned affirmation needed! Allow these affirmations to activate your personal power.

2. Sharing your mission.

There is no bigger way to step into your power than sharing your mission!! It can be scary at first but it is so rewarding after you take a step outside your comfort zone.

Your message is the reason you are even here! If you want to have an impact, and for the world to hear your passions, you need to speak it out loud.

When you show up on social media or talk to your community about your business, embrace your mission, and speak it in those spaces!

Remember confidence is built by taking action!

empowered woman typing on computer

3. Act in Alignment

Live your life in a way that is so fulfilling, empowering, and expansive.

When you are not living in alignment with how you want your life to be, it can feel like you’re walking through mud sometimes. When you are aware of what isn't bringing you joy or fulfillment and continue to live life that way, it can feel like a dreadful experience. I have been there.

It may feel like a quantum leap to leave situations, people, and circumstances that aren't in alignment but the empowerment you feel when doing that is out of this world.

Once you work through those transitional, stepping-stone moments, there is something incredibly empowering to know that every day you are waking up and moving through your day in complete alignment with your purpose. Talk about fulfillment.

Start checking things off your vision board or bucket list. Do those things your soul is calling to you to do! One baby step at a time helps empower you even deeper.

Keep in mind, that these last two steps involve more than just envisioning, they involve action! And sometimes that’s the scariest step, but no dream will be realized without taking the physical steps toward it.

Self-empowerment comes when you take that step outside of your comfort zone and act in spite of the fear.

So what is it for you? What steps are you going to take to empower yourself in life and business?

I hope these tips are helpful in your journey. I know they are unconventional but they are empowering tools and perspectives to embody.

Love and Light,


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