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Cassandra Rosa

Now What Book

Now What: 
Create the Clarity to Achieve Your Dreams

Are you going through a life transition that has caused you to feel lost, confused, and thinking NOW WHAT?

Are you someone who is looking to change careers, are stepping into entrepreneurship, are a recent university/college grad, or transitioning from one chapter of your life to the next?

Pick up this book to find the clarity you seek!

Now What Book

Cassandra guides you through the three keys to clarity, which she has learned from her life experience leaving the corporate world to create her thriving intuitive life coaching business.

Get ready to experience transformation, inspiration, connection, and, most importantly, clarity.

Cassandra Rosa with Now What Book

About the Book

        In Cassandra's book, Now What? Create the Clarity to Achieve Your Dreams, she teaches you to

  • clear what’s holding you back,

  • connect with your true purposeful life

  • co-create momentum to make it a reality.

        She has seen too many millennials navigating through chapters of their lives, uncertain of what path to take, lacking purpose, letting their negative mindset run the show, and not taking action to make their dreams happen.

        She shares inspiring stories from her own life experience navigating through her Now What? Moments, as well as provides many self-reflection exercises to help you find the clarity you are longing for.        

Praise for Cassandra and Now What

quote photo

 I would recommend this book to guide you through this time of transition and into an empowered space,

it would be Cassandra Rosa.


Cassandra is a powerful teacher, a loving healer, a confident and clear coach, and a beautiful inspiration to all those who meet (or work with) her. She walks a spiritual path, embodies the teachings and transformation that she has personally gone through, makes a difference in the lives of others, and continues to grow personally, spiritually and professionally.


You are exactly where you need to be - right here, right now, with this book, and with Cassandra by your side!"


-Tara Antler, Expert Relationship Mentor in life coaching documentary "LEAP",

Intuitive Healer, Soul Coach & International Speaker

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Now What book today! 

Cassandra Rosa Intuitive Life Coach
About Cassandra 

Cassandra is an intuitive life & business coach, energy healer, reiki master, award-winning author, and podcast host.

She incorporates many fields of study in her coaching practice including  NLP (neurolinguistic programming), mindset mastery, reiki (at the reiki master level), oracle card readings, manifestation techniques, intuitive guidance, and business tools!

Cassandra is the recipient of the Clarity Creator Award for her book, NOW WHAT?: Create the Clarity to Achieve your Dreams. 

You can find Cassandra on her Podcast Clarity Conversations with Cassandra Rosa. It's a personal development podcast for spiritual entrepreneurs, where she has many conversations with guests from a variety of business backgrounds. Tune in on all major podcast platforms.

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