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Fulfilled Femme 

A 6 Month experience to help you create a fulfilling life and business with clarity and confidence. 

Are you seeking clarity & confidence of the steps to create your fulfilling business?

Does this sound like you?

The problem is you want a more fulfilling life. You are ready to have

a business that is both impactful and profitable. 

You’ve spent so much time, energy, and money investing in endless

personal development courses and certifications and you still

haven’t launched your business. 

You aren’t clear on what path to take and that’s making you

filled with fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt.


The lack of clarity is what is standing in the way of you creating a

life that fulfills you at your core.


The lack of confidence is making you take one step forward and two

steps back.  I believe that no one deserves to have an unfulfilling life!


We don’t have to stay stuck in fear but rather create that fulfilling

life and business now!

I've been in your shoes!

I’ve been in your shoes… I have taken lots of personal development courses and certifications while having a job that

didn't bring me joy. Wanting to have

my own fulfilling business and not

knowing where to start.

Everything changed when I became clear about what a fulfilling life and business looked like and felt like for me. A life filled with purpose, and impacting my dream clients' lives. Once I knew where I was going, I became more focused on my path.


Next, I embodied my highest and most confident self, my Fulfilled Femme.

That allowed me to let go of all the

fear and self-doubt keeping me stuck.

I let it go mentally, emotionally, and energetically so I felt confident in my

ability to move forward. I then took consistent action toward my vision.


Lastly, I made a plan of what steps to take.

I knew a simple and authentic process so I no longer felt stuck in the how to start.  

Cassandra Rosa. Intuitive Life Coach, Award-Winning Author

Your life can completely transform!

Now I go to bed every night with ease, filled with gratitude that I have manifested my daydreams and I have a business that fulfills me.


A business where I am so excited to coach my dream clients based on

 topics I am passionate about and get paid for doing so.


I know what it feels like to want to make a huge impact. We

all have what it takes to have a fulfilling life.


A life where we can travel the world, work from our laptops

and make a positive change in the world.

There's great news.... YOU CAN TOO!

This is why I created 

Fulfilled Femme Entrepreneur

A 6 Month experience to help you create your fulfilling life and business with clarity and confidence. 

What is a Fulfilled Femme you may ask? She is: 

Clear of what a fulfilling life looks like for her!  She has a defined vision and purpose which allows her to manifest the life she desires.

Confident in herself! She has unshakeable confidence to achieve her goals without having fear and self-doubt holding her back.

Connected to her highest self! She allows her intuition to guide her in everything
 she does which allows her to make intuitive business decisions. 

Captivating to her audience!  She creates captivating content that allows her to connect to people she wants to serve. 

Creating an impactful business!  She creates her dream business simply and authentically so she no longer feels stuck with where to start.

Consistent  in the creation process! She has systems in place to create an impactful and profitable business. She has tools to address any challenges that come up along
the way. 

What my clients are saying!

Contact Me Rose.jpg
Client Testimonial Photo

"Cassandra Rosa is amazing to work with and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity. Working with her over the last year has given me clarity and insight for myself and my business. We were able to work on my blocks that were keeping me from living my life on my terms fully shining my light. She supported me to dig deep and heal the old wounds from childhood and to truly live my life in the moment. I highly recommend doing some work with her and see how much she will support you with all you are looking to achieve for yourself. The passion and dedication from her is truly worth the investment in you."

Sylvia Villegas, Wyoming, USA

Take a moment and imagine this...

Imagine what your life would look like jumping out of bed in the

morning excited to work on your business.

Imagine feeling confident in your ability to check items off your

to-do list.

Imagine what it would feel like to know what steps to create

a business that impacts others.

Imagine feeling fulfilled and at ease putting your head on the pillow

at night when you go to sleep.

This is possible for you. If I was able to do it, you can too.

Clarity Questionaire Course Feature

Feature #1

Clarity and Confidence Questionnaire

($100 VALUE)

This in-depth Questionnaire is designed to help you clarify what a fulfilling life looks like for you and what's stopping you from achieving it. 

It also helps me as your coach know how to support you better on your quest to creating your fulfilling business. 

Coaching Calls Logo

Feature #2

Weekly Coaching Calls

($9600 VALUE)

We will have weekly calls where I will provide you with simple tools that will help you immediately build confidence and clarity on your path to creating your fulfilling life and business. We will apply these tools on the calls to kickstart the momentum. 

Each call includes coaching, a card reading, and energetic healing to allow for transformation

on a spiritual level. 

You will get lifetime access to the replays in a portal so you can replay them over and over again. 

Meditation photo

Feature #3


($900 VALUE)

In each of our calls, I will lead a meditation. I believe for the lessons to be completely set in, it is important to integrate mentally and spiritually. 

Recordings of these meditations will also be available in the portal separately from the class to allow you to easily listen to them as often as you like. 

message photo

Messaging Support

Feature #4


You will have access to me on Facebook Messenger where you can share with me any questions that come up between calls. I will periodically be checking in with you to keep you on track and accountable for thall the homework. 

Contact Me Rose.jpg
Client Testimonial Photo

"I hired Cassandra as my coach a little less than a year ago, and I am so happy I trusted her (and myself) enough to take that leap! Working with her has helped me grow in ways I didn't even know I could. She worked with me to find clarity in my business, and since then, I've launched TWO amazing businesses! I continue to work with her to this day because the support and value I get is 100% worth it. She is so in tune with her clients, and her intuition helps make our coaching so much more successful. I would recommend her to anyone trying to find clarity in their life and business."

Kelsey, Connecticut, USA

Become a Fulfilled Femme Today!

I am a certified intuitive life and business coach. I help entrepreneurs to create fulfilling lives and businesses with clarity and confidence.

I am an award-winning author of the book Now What: Create the Clarity to Achieve your Dreams, award-winning speaker, host of The Fulfilled Female Entrepreneur podcast, Reiki Master, and NLP practitioner.

Cassandra Rosa, Intuitive Life Coach Photo

Hi I am Cassandra Rosa,

your group facilitator!

Join The Fulfilled Femme Entrepreneur Experience TODAY

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