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3 Simple Mindset Shifts to Help You Attract What You Want

Hey Fulfilled Femme,

Are you ready to hustle less and attract more?

I learned this the hard way when starting my business. At that time of my life, I was running on the belief that I had to "work hard to achieve my goals. Whatever I wanted in life I had to chase after it."

With this frame of mind, I created massive burnout.

After working around the clock on launching a business, having a full-time job, being enrolled in 3 courses, and writing a book, I ended up experiencing major fatigue. My body and nervous system couldn't handle the hustle culture.

That's when I started to immerse myself in more of the Law of Attraction and harness the power of feminine energy to attract what I wanted in my life without so much hustle.

The biggest thing I learned in the process is how having an expansive mindset and energy is key to attracting what you want.

I'll explain further...

When creating the life you want and feeling the need to hustle hard to get it, it can feel extremely daunting to people. Having to work long hours, take lots of actions, and create an extensive plan. That can create blocks mentally and energetically.

When opening yourself up to infinite possibilities to attract what you want into your life, it can feel much more easeful and open up your energetic field.

Our thoughts and energy are interconnected. When you think positively, your energy is open and expansive.

When you are thinking unfavorably, your energy can shrink. Repelling what you want instead of attracting it.

I am currently reading books by Joe Vitale. One of the lessons I've learned is how we interact in the world and think about our surroundings is dictated by our beliefs in our subconscious.

So having an awareness of our thoughts and energy is key to the reality we create.

For example, if you are having a business launch and didn't get the results you were seeking, it may be because of past beliefs created from launches prior that caused you to think with limits and shrink your energetic field.

How do we create a shift?

woman attracting what she wants

Here are 3 Simple Mindset Shifts to Help You Attract What You Want:

1) Play with the limitless "What Ifs"

When doing something outside our comfort zones, limiting "What If's" can come up.

For example... "what if I fail, what if it turns out like the last time, what if they think bad about me etc."

Instead of letting thoughts be the predominant thoughts in your mind play with limitless possibilities What If's like.... "

What if it happens easier than I ever imagined?

What if it turns out better than expected?

What if it happened faster than ever before?"

The limitless "what ifs" open up the path to endless possibilties and activate our sense of imagination. That creates room for miracles to unfold.

2) Be playful instead of overly planned.

When planning every step of the process and something doesn't go as you intended it can cause us to feel let down and activate a downward spiral.

Writing down action steps is great to help you clear your mind and make you feel focused don't get me wrong but it's important to leave room for spontaneity.

Instead of being so attached to every baby step of the plan leave room to play and allow your intuition to guide you.

That opens up room for unexpected miracles and makes the process more fun.

Remember, creation loves fun.

Having fun is an attractive energy.

bright light

3) Apply the glass half-full approach.

When things don't go our way, it can be easy to fall victim to circumstances.

Saying things like "why is this happening to me" and looking at it with a sad point of view.

Instead, try and look for the gift and lesson in every situation that comes our way.

There is always a positive perspective to have about any given situation.

Look for the higher purpose and lessons that are being divinely gifted to you.

I hope these mindset shifts were powerful for you. Share your favourite one below.

See you next week for another blog post on Tuesday at 12 noon est. Until then yo are welcome to check out the Fulfilled Female Entrepreneur Podcast to learn how to create a fulfilling life and business with the help of my solo episodes and hearing the stories of some special guests. Listen to it here.

Love and Light,


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