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How to quantum leap professionally, and personally

Hey Fulfilled Femme,

Can you believe there are just two months left of the year? This year has completely flown by.

With the next year in arms reach, it's a great time to get ahead on what reality you want to create for yourself and create a quantum leap professionally and personally.

Over the past year, I have been feeling that shift myself.

I have healed more than I ever have before and deepened my connection to my intuitive gifts. Deep in my heart and soul, I know there is a huge leap for me right around the corner.

But, being on the edge of rebirth can be a scary process, and we don’t always know how to navigate that path.

It can bring on feelings of uncertainty and overwhelm.

So today I wanted to talk to you about how to take the steps toward a quantum leap in your life!

woman taking a quantum leap

How to build toward a quantum leap professionally, and personally:

1. Answer the Call

I know there are those moments - when you hear a small whisper and longing for more.

You feel things falling away from your life and feel like there is something big on the horizon.

Well, this is your sign to answer the call!!

Whatever it is you’ve been thinking of, the only way to move forward is to listen to what guidance you’re hearing and take the first step.

Maybe it’s finally time to

The phone keeps ringing, but the change only happens when you answer the call, and take action accordingly. It's your intuition guiding you to a higher calling and pointing you in the direction of what's next for your highest and best good.

2. Consciously Let Go

Once you’ve answered the call, and embraced what it is you know you need to do, you now need to lighten your load.

You have to leap ALL IN to achieve what it is you want to achieve. It's easier to take the jump when you don't have so much weighing you down.

Ask yourself- What is it in your current life that is holding you back? What am I ready to let go of in preparation for my next chapter?

Once you have some clarity on that question, you can make a conscious decision to let go of those things.

They could be patterns or habits, relationships, jobs…anything that you know will not help you reach your goals.

I know this part can be really scary and that's normal!

You’re asking yourself to push out of what’s comfortable and familiar, in order to do something you’ve never done before.

But I know that it’s possible, because I’ve been there, and seen so many of my clients at this point, too.

3. Give Yourself Permission to Reinvent Yourself

Once you start to let go of what’s holding you back, and you’re consciously choosing to answer the call, you need to now give yourself permission to reinvent yourself.

With the holidays coming up, this can be especially challenging.

You might find yourself surrounded by people who knew you when you were 5 or 10 years old, and they still see you through that lens.

It’s tempting to start acting how they expect you to, but instead of living in their vision of you, it’s time to give yourself permission to live in YOUR vision of you.

In order to be who you truly want to become, you need to let go of the person you were.

If you want to be a boss, and a successful entrepreneur, staying in the narrative of “I’ll do it tomorrow” isn’t going to cut it.

It can be hard to do if you’ve been sitting in certain habits for a long time, but if you truly want this new version of yourself, the accountability has to be there.

You’re allowed to be this new person and take the steps accordingly to live in that truth.

To make this change ask yourself.... who do I need to be to create this new reality I am leaping into? What habits, and ways of being does this new version of me embody?

From this place embody these traits and habits to allow for a leap with more ease.

girls taking a quantum leap

Your quantum leap could be just around the corner.

In order to let the leap happen, it’s time to answer the call for more, consciously let go of patterns that are holding you back, and give yourself permission to reinvent yourself.

And I know it’s possible because I took these steps earlier this year.

I answered the call that I was supposed to shift the focus of my business and let go of my old branding, and I gave myself permission to show up as the Fulfilled Femme entrepreneur.

Along with my business shift, I let go of old relationships, and old patterns that held back my health and fitness journey. And now I’ve manifested meeting an amazing person, and am committed in a fully new way to my fitness.

Following these steps has allowed me to create an evolution in my life toward an enormous quantum leap that I know is around the corner for me.

I know it can be such a scary process and involves a lot of healing, and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

See you next week at 12pm EST for a new Blog post. Until then check out other posts you may have missed here or check out my Facebook Community for more high-vibe content. You are welcome to join us here.

Love and Light,


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