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How to Build Consistency on Social Media

Hey Fulfilled Femme,

I have a question for you- Would you trust me if I posted on this blog inconsistently?

What if I posted every week for 6 weeks, and then didn’t send another until January?

I wouldn’t blame you if you completely forgot about me, or at the very least if I lost some credibility in your eyes.

Just like I do, I know you have a message you want people to hear. You, and you alone, have a unique perspective that the world is dying to hear.

That's exactly why I want to talk to you about consistency this week. And specifically, building a consistent presence on social media.

The more you show up day after day, week after week, you will build a foundation of trust and credibility with your audience. But, if you disappear for a while, or post on an inconsistent schedule, your impact will start to disappear.

I want you to be able to have that impact as far and wide as you dream, so that's why I'm sharing with you the steps I use that have allowed me to stay consistent since 2019 in showing up on social platforms.

girl taking a photo for social media

How to Build Consistency On Social Media​

Step One: Stay Authentic to YOU! Figure out what type of social media posting resonates most truthfully for you, and leave all the social media trends behind if they don’t resonate.

There is nothing worse than feeling like you have to do IG Reels a certain way, or make TikToks that don't feel authentic, or that you have to do videos if you would rather be writing!

There are so many ways on social media to get creative and innovative in an authentic way that lights you up. Trust me, your audience will know if you’re not being yourself, and your impact will suffer because of that.

Instead of comparing your image to a perfectly edited beauty standard, and feeling completely uncomfortable attempting the new dance trend, just show up as yourself, and put your best authentic foot forward.

If you don’t want to do something, and if it doesn’t feel authentic to you, simply don’t do it!

At the end of the day, you will find yourself being more consistent with your posting because you'll be more passionate about showing up, and find yourself naturally releasing the need to compare yourself to posting styles that just aren’t you.

Step Two: Start & Scale

This step is all about building consistency in one place, and then scaling up your impact when you feel you can be accountable to that growth.

It can be an overwhelming task to build your business and step into the impactful space you’re meant to be in. Anyway, you can ease up that pressure, and it will help you tremendously.

I know it’s tempting to have your hands in all the social media cookie jars - Facebook, Blogs, podcasts, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok…I think you get the idea!

There are so many ways to get your message out there, but that does not mean you should do them all, at least not to start.

Once you have determined the social media, and type of posting that feels most authentic to you, begin with a manageable amount. You might even need to cut that schedule back further if you often find yourself overextending.

This could look like:

Month 1: Post to Instagram 2 days/week

Month 2: Post to Instagram 4 days/week

Month 4: Continue posting to Instagram 4 days/week, and create a Facebook group with a couple of posts weekly.

From there, you just judge your schedule step by step, how you feel about your growth, and be honest about your own capabilities in showing up on your social platform.

Between starting in one place, scaling up incrementally, and maintaining your authenticity in how you show up, you’re well on your way to sustained, long-term consistency on social media for your business.

But, there’s one more step that will lock in your consistency-

girl posting on social media

Step Three: Commit

Commit to your audience AND commit to the impact you want to make.

This is a surefire way to keep yourself accountable. It could look like publicly announcing your schedule (I do this with the Monday & Wednesday lives in my Facebook group), or setting a specific content creation day, where you batch all the content for a specific amount of time.

If you have a set expectation, you will create that accountability automatically. When you lean into the predictability of your content schedule, your audience will trust you even more, and your impact will be felt so much more.

No matter how great your message is, you need to make a commitment to your audience to show up when you do.

This is all about creating trust, after all. If they can depend on you showing up, then they can depend on the integrity of the message you wish to share with them.

Maintaining consistency can seem like a daunting task when there are so many ways to reach your audience, but when you break it down step by step, show up as your most authentic self, and set a clear commitment, you will be well on your way to impact the lives of those waiting to hear your message!

For more trusted tips on growing your impactful business, you can check out my Facebook group for live video content Mondays at 8pm est!

See you next Tuesday at 12pm est for the next blog post.

Love and Light,


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