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Activate Your Most Powerful Self

Confident Woman

Hey Fulfilled Femme,

In leiu of today being the 8-8 Lion's Gate Portal, I thought it would be great to talk about activiating your personal power.

What is the Lion's Gate Portal?

If you aren't familiar with the Lion's gate portal, its taking place from July 18-August 12th. The earth is aligning with the star system Sirus. It's a time filled with high frequency energy allowing us to activate our power center, open out energy centers, get new ideas, increase our consciousness and receive massive downloads. It peaks today.

It's a powerful time to activate your personal power as you are receiving energetic support from the universe for the process.

Big things are happening - so let’s activate the power needed to realize it!

If you are going to take away anything from this blog post, remember how freaking powerful you are!

When I was meditating the day I wrote this blog post, a powerful channeled message came through that is meant to be shared in this blog.

You have all you need within you.

Anything outside of you is a bonus.

Anything external is in addition to.

Connect with it all within...





and clarity.

You are so powerful!

Anything that says otherwise is a lie.

Align and activate the power within.

We all have access to this power within. When we tap into it, magic happens, fulfillment happens and our dreams become a reality. It's our time to shine and fully embody the power within.

How Do I Activate Your Personal Power?

Think, Feel, and Act Powerfully:

In order to really operate from a place of power, ensure that you are thinking, feeling, and acting powerfully, all in combination with one another.

To step into this power you have within you, you need to access a combination of these three things. If you think powerfully, but don’t feel it, or if you feel it but don’t act on your power, you will miss a level of activation.

1. Think Powerfully

Thoughts are the best place to start, because it is the foundation of every feeling and action we take.

When activating your personal power, it is so important to be aware of what you are thinking, and adjust if you are not approaching your thoughts from an empowering place.

If you are feeding yourself disempowering thoughts like:

- I can’t do this

-This isn’t possible - I’m going to fail

It’s getting in the way of you feeling powerful.

So instead, shift these thoughts to:

- I am capable of whatever I desire - My dreams are possible -I am going to succeed

As Abraham Hicks would say, shift to the next most empowering thought.

Embody a mantra to allow yourself to constantly welcome in those positive, powerful thoughts.

2. Feel Powerful

In combination embodying the feeling of being powerful, and start to integrate things into your day that make you feel in this expansive state.

This could be something as simple as standing with your hands on your hips in the superwoman stance. Or dancing to a song that gives you main character energy.

Give yourself permission to feel powerful by standing up for what you believe in, whether your purpose or your passions!

On the other hand, if there are things, people or circumstances that are unempowering happening in your life, look how you can shift them. This may mean creating boundaries, limiting time in these situations or doing some perspective work to allow these situations to shift.

powerful woman

3. Act Powerfully

Take the real, tangible steps that will support your true, inner power.

Think about the most confident, fulfilled version of yourself, and ask, “how would she act today?” Then, do those things!

-Would she question whether or not she could send weekly emails, or would she just do it?

-Would she worry about how people are going to think about her instagram posts, or would she just post it, because it aligns with her mission?

Do the things that your fulfilled self would do, and without even knowing it, you’ll find yourself becoming the very woman you dreamed you could be!!

So, when you are ready to activate your most powerful self, you need to align your thoughts, feelings, and actions all into one powerful identity.

You have this power within you, it’s just waiting for the right alignment to shine!

If you are wanting support to activate your personal power, DM me on Instagram to learn more about Fulfilled Femme Entrepreneur. It's a 6 month experience to help you create a fulfilling life and impactful business. We focus on embodying the characteristics of a Fulfilled Femme; clarity, confidence, connection to her intuition, creating an impactful business, captivating the world with your mission and consistently showing up. DM me to learn more.

See you next week for another blog post. Until then, incase you missed it, here's a link to last week's blog about the secret to creating a fulfilling business.

Love and Light,


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