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3 Ways to Strengthen Intuition

Do you have a strong connection with your intuition?

If you are looking to refine it, this is the blog for you.

In my Facebook Community Fulfilled Female Entrepreneurs, I posted a vote to see what the group members wanted the most support with. The number 1 vote was to learn how to connect with their intuition.

That's why I chose to focus on this topic for this post.

In addition, since eclipse season is over, we have a very calm energy at the moment. Now that we have rectified so much karma and integrated some major lessons, it is a wonderful time to receive potent intuitive expansion and downloads. There is no more aligned time to focus on your intuition.

We all have a powerful gift of intuition. Whether we choose to access it is our decision.

women strengthening  her intuition

What is your intuition?

Intuition is an instinctive feeling and understanding of something without reasoning. It can feel like our "gut" speaking to us. There is an inner knowing that we have access to. There are many magical ways to access our intuition by connecting to our inner voice and using tools like cards, meditation, pendulums etc.

My experience with my intuition

From a young age, I became aware of my intuitive gift. I had premonitions about something, sensed energy and spirits, and had a crystal clear inner knowing. For a long time, I was very scared of it because of being brought up in a Catholic household.

I was scared to come across bad energies and ghosts, so I suppressed this gift for a very long time.

It wasn't until about 8 years ago that I gave permission to focus on consciously creating a relationship with my intuitive superpower. I dove into Reiki, oracle card readings, and meditation to develop this gift. Along the way, I came across beautiful mentors who guided me on my journey.

When that started to happen, my business started to evolve at a faster rate, I received a lot of clarity for my path and purpose and my life started to evolve in many more ways than I can explain. The more I incorporated this side of me in my business and offerings, magically my business began to expand.

My intuition guided me within. To the power, I have inside of me. It forged the path to fulfilling my destiny. It can be for you too.

I invite you to see your intuition as your friend. It takes time to build a relationship. When you meet someone they are a stranger and the more time you spend to harness the relationship, the deeper the connection will be.

Here are 3 ways to strengthen your intuitive connection:

1) Release the resistance.

Many of us may feel resistant to building our intuitive connection due to our upbringing. I know I did. Becoming aware of the limiting thoughts and beliefs that block our gifts will allow us to shift them and make room for a deeper connection. Remember awareness is always the first step to cultivating change.

Ask yourself, ....

What is blocking my relationship with my intuition?

What resistance is present?

When you become aware of the answers, notice them and release any judgment associated with them. It's normal to resist things that are foreign to you.

2) Think less, feel more.

We can get caught up in accessing our intuition the "right way", using intuitive tools correctly, and second, guessing whether the messages we receive are actually our intuition.

We can get stuck in our heads and lose sight of the intuitive nudges we receive.

When our minds are going a mile a minute, we lose sight of the feelings and gut instincts we receive.

To navigate this, go with your first instinct. Our first instinct is often our intuition. Or step away from the pressure of knowing the answer and go do something you enjoy to shift the energy and approach it from a fresh perspective.

The more you are in an open receptive energy connected to your heart instead of your head, the more messages will drop down with clarity.

3) Build self-trust.

Just like starting a relationship and building trust, the same is with your intuition. It takes time and practice. Incorporate activities into your day-to-day life to access it.

For the small things like what beverage to drink in the morning, coffee or tea. Let your gut guide you.

This will allow the confidence to build so that comes a time when you have bigger decisions to make, you have proof from the past of how your intuition guided you to make the right decisions. That proof is great to have to quiet the ego when the fears and doubts creep in.

women strengthening her intution

4) Find your favourite tools.

Using angel, oracle, or tarot cards, meditating, using a pendulum, muscle testing, and channeling. These are all wonderful tools to access your intuitive gift.

Lean into the curiosity you have about them and allow them to be an outlet to guide you. If you feel interested in a particular tool, lightheartedly try it on and see how it fits for you and your lifestyle.

Your toolbox will evolve as you do. Start where you feel guided and curious. At the beginning of my journey, I gravitated towards cards and then meditation. Now my toolbox continues to grow.

I hope you found these 3 ways to strengthen your intuition helpful. Feel free to share your favourite in the comments below.

Stay tuned for next Tuesday at noon EST for another blog post. Until then check out the previous ones you may have missed here.

Love and Light,


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