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3 Misconceptions about Starting a Business

Hey Fulfilled Femme,

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur feeling uncertain about where to start in your entrepreneurial journey?

I know I was lost in the beginning too.

I was wondering if should I start with a business plan, social media platform, or website. Should I have a Facebook group or post on Instagram? Have low ticket offers or more premium offers. The possibilities were endless.

These uncertainties helped me feel stuck in the entrepreneurial process and made me feel completely lost.

Can you relate?

There are many misconceptions about starting a business I’d like to share with you today. All of these I thought to be true when starting my business.

With all I know now, I’d do a few things differently if I was building my business from scratch today.

Female Entrepreneur

3 Misconceptions about Starting a Business

The first misconception is, to find a successful coach out there to model, and follow their process to a tee to create the same results.

When I started my business, I was taking course after course modeling so many different strategies despite feeling resistance.

Like having people book calls via an email list, or having many day events to enroll people in my programs.

Despite having my intuition showing me some parts that didn’t feel authentic to me, I had this story in my mind showing me that I had to follow their path to get the same results.

If I was starting my business now, I’d let my intuition guide me. Listen to my inner voice things felt authentic or forced. I’d take more of a take what resonates and leave the rest approach.

Ultimately saying bye to hustle culture in business and hello to a more feminine and intuitive perspective on business.

It is so great to work with coaches and mentors. It's also so key to allow your gut to guide you through the process of uncovering your authentic way to build your business.

A second misconception is the pressure to be on every platform and medium to be successful in business.

When I started, I felt I needed to post on Instagram 5 times a week and have an email list, Facebook group, blog, book, and podcast all at the beginning. That felt overwhelming at times when I didn’t have a process to cultivate that vision.

I know it to be the same for many entrepreneurs. Having so many ideas, starting them all, and struggling to maintain consistency in doing so. It definitely stems from my passion to serve and make an impact on the world.

If I built a business now, I’d start simple, create consistency THEN scale to other mediums.

That way there is less overwhelm, and an established process to sustain the vision.​ This also helps prevent burnout and inconsistency.

Female Entrepreneur Working with Client

The last misconception is creating an outside avatar when starting your business.

I remember being in lots of courses where I was asked to create an avatar, name them, and figure out where they hang out their interests, struggles, and desires.

When creating this I missed a lot of clarity about who I wanted to help and felt something was missing.

When I made the shift in this exercise focusing on the version of myself that needed to know what I know now, things changed. I went deep into what I needed at that moment and how I could guide this vision now.

It came together so much more ease-fully, and authentically. That’s where I’d start now.

If you are someone wanting to begin your entrepreneurial journey I invite you to look outside these misconceptions and...

  • let your intuition guide you,

  • start simple and scale

  • and build your business around a version of yourself that needs the knowledge you know now!

If you want support in this process, I'd be happy to support you. Check out my website to learn about my offerings.

See you next Tuesday at 12pm EST for our next blog post. Until then, you are welcome to hear a podcast episode about carving your path to entrepreneurship.

Love and Light,


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