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How to Move through Self-Doubt:

Hey Fulfilled Femme,

This week is all about moving through self-doubt and stepping into your most confident, fulfilled self!!

girl doubting herself

What is self-doubt and how does it get in the way of achieving a fulfilling life?

Self-doubt is defined as a lack of confidence regarding yourself and your abilities. It's a mindset that holds you back from succeeding and believing in yourself.

Self-belief is deeply connected with the ability to achieve what you want. If you don't believe you can achieve something, you can stay stuck in the dream of it all and don't take action. That keeps us away from having that fulfilling life we wish for.

What causes self-doubt?

This frame of mind can be caused by our childhood upbringing, fears including fear of failure, success, or judgment, our inner self-critic, overthinking, and perfectionism.

All of the above is often stored in our subconscious minds. They can create thought loops we may not even be aware of that cause us to stay further away from living life and having the business we desire.

As an ambitious woman and business owner, when you do something you’ve never done before, it’s a great opportunity for growth, but it can also be incredibly scary.

I have definitely been there. For about the first year of my business, I felt fear and self-doubt a lot.

I had invested tens of thousands of dollars into seminars, courses, and books, and was doing an incredible amount of work in the personal development field, yet I still didn’t think I could succeed.

I had thoughts swirling around my head, like:

  • Why would someone choose to work with me and not someone big like Tony Robbins?

  • Who do I even think I am to do this?

  • Am I even qualified?​

Those thoughts kept me in a stagnant place for a little over a year. Even with all the experience and education, I still wasn’t convinced I could start my own successful business…until I found a way to believe in myself.

powerful reminder, overcoming self-doubt

How to move through Self-Doubt:

1. Acknowledge the Self Doubt

Until you name it, and become aware, you may find yourself stuck in this self-doubt cycle. Self-awareness is always their first step to making a change.

If you are wanting to release self-doubt, ask yourself:

  • What is stopping me from achieving my desires?

  • What specific fears are holding me back from taking action?

  • What thoughts are keeping me stuck?

Name exactly what it is about your goals that is causing you to doubt yourself.

Is it a fear of failure, of success, or not knowing enough?

What is the story your subconscious is telling you, and giving power to these thoughts?

I know this can be hard to face but it's essential to address it to release self-doubt.

If you are wanting to hear more about how to face your fears with confidence check out this podcast episode.

2. Choose your truth

Once you’ve named your fears and doubts that are holding you back, you have the ability to choose whether or not you want them to be true.

Look at the fears and doubts that you named, and ask yourself:

  • Do I choose to keep these beliefs?

  • Is that who I want to be?

  • Is that how I want to show up?

  • Will that help me achieve my goals?

If the answer to any of those questions is no - then it’s time to choose your truth!

Instead of staying in a place you so badly don’t want to be, heal yourself, choose a different story based on confidence and self-empowerment.

You are the main character of your life and dictate your story. Remember that! What's your new story? What's your new truth?

3. Be your own hype woman!

Validate yourself! Acknowledge all those successes that you might have forgotten about. Look at how far you’ve come in your life and your different journeys. It might actually surprise you how much you’ve accomplished.

Some common examples to help remind you how awesome you are:

  • You moved away from home for school or work and made it work

  • You invested a lot of time and money in courses to better yourself

  • You left a relationship that wasn’t for you

  • Any wins no matter how big or small

Look for the proof to show your ego that you ARE successful, then give yourself that big sister pep talk, and stand in your power!

As much as we can exist in a fearful, doubtful place, we can also exist as strongly in our fulfilled femme, most confident self.

girl free of self-doubt,

4. Move forward

Now that you have reminded yourself how truly amazing you are, take a little step. This could be moving toward a specific goal, or it could even be on a more foundational level.

Maybe you recognized that you want to work through these toxic belief patterns once and for all and enlist the help of a therapist, coach, or friend.

What's a baby step you can take toward your goal that I can take in the next 24 hours?

For example, if you are wanting to launch a new product, can you take some photos of it, or create its name?

So, if you’re feeling doubtful of your success, start by acknowledging the doubt and name it. Then, choose the truth you want, and let go of the stories that hold you back.

Once you have done that, validate yourself! Become your own hype woman and name all the times over your whole life you actually have been successful. And finally, move forward.

If you need any support, I am always here to support you. Check out my coaching and healing offerings here.

Love and Light,


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