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Achieve your goals at a rapid speed.

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Hey Fulfilled Femme,

How is the journey been to achieve your goals for 2023? Difficult, or easeful?

I am so excited to talk about a more easeful way to achieve your goals at a rapid speed.

I have been manifesting a lot recently. Love, more clients, and health goals!

There are so many ways to manifest what you want in life. Today I want to share what with you what has been working for me most.

It all comes down to one thing…. The embodiment of what you want!!

That allows you to make the manifestation process much more easeful!


Here are some Manifestation Tips:

Be the person that achieves your goals!

Ask yourself.

- Who do you need to be to manifest what you want?

- What characteristics would you use to describe them?

For example, if you have fitness goals, tap into the feeling of being strong, confident, beautiful and embodying the physique you want to have.

The more you allow yourself to choose to embody this person, and show up that way, the faster the process will be to achieve what you want. The approach will allow you to move through the obstacles with more ease and grace.


Do what that version of you would do!

Ask yourself:

- What actions would they take?

- How would they show up in the process?

- What would their day look like in terms of productivity?

If you want to have a 6-figure business, how would this version of you show up to a day at work? How would they show up online?

Would they procrastinate on tasks, and let their fears stop them? Or show up with tenacity and productivity for all the tasks at hand?

If you show up in the shoes of someone that knows what they want is coming, it's a whole different experience than someone filled with doubt and self-inflicted limitations.


Have what this person has!

Ask yourself:

- How can you appreciate what you have now?

- How can you have what you want on even a smaller scale on the journey?

For example, if you want to be financially free, tap into that feeling of gratitude for having the money you have now to help attract more.

If you have clients and you are wanting to scale your impact, have presence, and thankfulness for them on the journey to having more.

When you have appreciation and awareness for all the beauty of what is along the journey, that energy helps you magnetize having more of it.


​Ultimately all these tips allow you to embody your goals into the present moment and create a deeper connection to achieving your goals.

That will allow you to attract your results.

The more you create the disconnect and feel like having what you want feels further away, the longer and more difficult the road will be to getting there.

Become that Fulfilled Femme! That version of yourself that is, does, and has all you want.

Step into her shoes. YOU GOT THIS!

Girl achieving her dreams, Cassandra Rosa

Remember if you see your goals in your mind, they exist! It’s done! Embody it all now and allow the physicality to catch up!

Time isn’t as linear as we are conditioned to believe. The more you act like you have it, the more easeful it will come into the physical, present moment.

This holds true for all of your goals; love, business, health, career etc.

If you need support with connecting with your Fulfilled Femme, and achieving your goals, Send me a message on Instagram and we can chat about ways I can support you.

Love and Light,


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