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5 Steps to Fulfillment

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Hey Fulfilled Femme,

How have you been? I’ve been focused on the feeling of fulfillment lately!!! I am excited to talk more about it in this post. Just in case you missed last week's you are welcome to check it out here.

What is true fulfillment?

Fulfillment is often viewed as a destination or having a bunch of material things, achieving your goals, and getting, getting, getting.

I heard a quote from Marie Forelo, “True fulfillment in life doesn’t come from what we get. It comes from what we give!”

Fulfillment can happen in any present moment, it’s not a matter of having “destination syndrome”. I like to define that as only when you get to your destination or achieve a goal, then you can feel the state you desire like happiness, freedom, or fulfillment.

Having that mindset creates distance keeping you far away from having true fulfillment. It’s important to tap into the feeling of fulfillment on the day-to-day! Every moment along the journey. That actually helps you achieve your big dreams and desires. It magnetizes you to them.


5 Steps to Fulfillment

Here are some tips and tools that you can apply to your life and feel fulfilled NOW. On every step of the journey.

1. Visualizing Success

Visualize what it is you truly want! See the picture of it in your mind and tap into the feelings of having it now to allow yourself to connect to it in the present moment.

That's utilizing the Law of Attraction. Tap into that feeling now, even if success may feel far away, you can embody that feeling of having a little taste of it in this moment of time. That will allow you to be one with what you want and attract it into your life.

It's important to utilize all your senses and allow them to wash through you. See the images, feel the feelings, hear the sounds. Make the experience as multisensory as possible.

You may be wondering... Cassandra, how do I do that? My favourite ways are using things like vision boards and visualization meditations to apply this concept. Using images and meditative states helps us build this connection as see ourselves as doing and being the things we daydream about.

For visualization meditations feel free to check out my favourite meditation app Insight Timer and search for visualization meditations.

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2. Raise your Frequency

When you’re around positive people, doing positive things in your life, that can help you to stay in joy and keep your vibes high. From that space, you can focus on the things that fulfill you most. If you’re in a negative frequency and you’re surrounded by negativity, you might be down in the dumps and that can create a disconnect from the desired feeling of fulfillment.

To do this take inventory of your life. Look at what things you do in the day-to-day that make you feel high vibe and positive. For example, for myself, it's doing things that are in alignment with my purpose, spending time with my dog Leo, working out, and spending time with loved ones.

Next, take a look and what makes you feel low vibe, negative, and things that drain your energy. These can be being in certain environments, being around certain people, or doing specific activities. For example, gossiping, watching horror movies, listening to sad stories on the news, or eating fast food.

Once you have this awareness, make adjustments accordingly. Add more to your life that brings you to the state you desire and let go of things that are taking you away from it. It can feel challenging at first but it's sooooo worth it.


3. Making an Impact

Giving back to the community, being of service, and fulfilling your soul’s purpose, allows you to have those beautiful doses of fulfillment. Living in complete alignment with service and helping others allows us to have a greater sense of fulfillment than material things alone.

Making an impact doesn't need to solely becoming Buddha. Small activities in our daily lives like making someone laugh, giving change to the needy, purchasing a coffee for the person behind us in the drive-through, or making an inspirational Instagram post can be a way of making an impact on the people around us.

For those of you that are thinking of creating a business to help others, focus on the impact of the small actions you are taking on the way to the big ones. That way you are tapping into what it's like to attain your big desires in the present.


4. Feel Fulfilled Everyday

Look for fulfillment in the beautiful moments that exist in the day-to-day, you can feel fulfilled by checking something off your to-do list if you’re very accomplishment focused. You can feel fulfilled by embracing the beauty in the present moment and doing a gratitude practice. That way you can tap into the feeling of the present moment and have to wait to feel the feeling when you accomplish the big goals.

It's all about looking at the small details and moments throughout the day. Not waiting for enormous amounts of freedom and accomplishments.

It's embracing the attitude of gratitude.

For me it's fulfilling to serve my clients, finish a workout, check an item on my to-do list, connect with my higher self, and when feeling triggered move through it with ease, healing myself.

I actually made a podcast about feeling fulfilled every step of the journey. Check it out here.

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5. Celebrate Your Progress

Celebrate your progress for every step that you take. That positivity and positive reinforcement can allow you to continue to have that momentum towards the bigger things and enjoy the process in the day-to-day. It’s important to celebrate the wins no matter how big or small they may be!

A celebration can be a literal pat on your back, doing a gratitude practice, having a self-care night, or sharing dinner with your partner and saying cheers to your wins. This positive reinforcement will help you on your path to bringing it into reality.

I find myself doing happy dances and celebration gestures at the moment and planning intentional celebrations for little wins.

So keep in mind that if you’re wanting to have a more fulfilling life, visualize your vision and what success looks like for you, raise your frequency, feel fulfilled each day, and celebrate your progress.

Remember, the more ways you can tap into that desire now, the more it will magnetize you to attain the big things you are manifesting.


What is a way you feel fulfilled in the present? Share below.

Love and Light,


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