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Fulfilled Femme Living: Welcome to the Blog

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Hello Fulfilled Femme,

I am so thrilled to be writing this blog post. It has been a while since I posted.

As of the end of April, I began my 5th year of business. Time is flying by so fast. It has been such a beautiful journey that has caused me to grow in so many ways. Since it's been a while since I blogged last, I think it's time to reintroduce myself.

If you are new to the blog hey, hi, hello I am Cassandra Rosa. I'm a certified coach and healer and intuitive business coach. My mission is to help spiritual entrepreneurs create fulfilling lives and impactful businesses. That's what I help my clients achieve in my program called Fulfilled Femme Entrepreneur.

The past year I have been experiencing a huge rebirth and have dove deep into what it means to be a Fulfilled Femme. The way I love to define it is the most confident and intuitive version of yourself that focuses on creating your most fulfilling life imaginable.

The purpose of this blog is to help you to live a fulfilling life of your own and embody your Fulfilled Femme.

I am excited to introduce you to what it means to live a fulfilling life and what the key themes are for this blog.

Let's uncover them, shall we?

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What does it mean to feel fulfilled in life? This question means something different to everyone. I invite you to take a second to think about that question! Really ponder what it means for you to live a fulfilling life.

It’s a question I love to ask all my clients and my guests on the Fulfilled Female Entrepreneur Podcast. It's interesting because there are a wide array of answers.

There is a common thread among them… giving back. Living a life that you are making an impact on the world.

For me, fulfillment is not about solely the sense of achievement. It is about making an impact on the world and in turn living a life filled with purpose.


What are the key components of living a fulfilling life?

1) Clarity of purpose.

I believe everyone comes to this earth for a reason. There is a deeper meaning in our lives. It's more than just working a 9-5 that doesn’t bring you joy. We often go through trials and tribulations connected to what we are meant to do and who we are meant to help.

For me, it was having major Now What Moments of knowing I was meant to do more in the world and having no idea what that was. I spoke in depth about this in my book called Now What! Having that burning desire to help others, being unclear of the path, and coming up against mental roadblocks. It eventually lead me to create my own business. When I began the entrepreneurship journey, I was so unsure of where to start.

If you are someone that is trying to find that purpose, follow what brings you joy and reflect on a version of yourself from the past that you can help most now.

For example, I loved giving people advice and recommending tools that helped me. I found myself talking a lot about personal development and business. I also realized that I could help people clarify their path and work through their mindset blocks. That’s why I became a coach and healer.


2) Take confident action.

The biggest thing that stops people from creating the fulfilling life they daydream about is all the doubts and fears that come up when taking steps outside their comfort zones.

One of the most important things that allow people to create fulfilling lives that create a massive impact is acting in spite of fear. Embodying confidence even though the ego wants us to stay comfortable. In jobs that are “secure”, in relationships that we have been in for a long time, and in habits that keep us stagnant.

I can’t tell you how many times before I was going to take a big step the mental sirens went off trying to stop me. It's crucial to take action anyways. “Fake it till you make it” as people say. Embody the most confident version of yourself. I like to call her your Fulfilled Femme. The version of you that has it all and acts in spite of her fears and follows where her soul's calling is leading her.

Choose your dreams instead of your fears.


3) Creating an Impact

Whether it’s making someone smile, helping out in your community, or becoming an impact-preneur, no matter how big or small acts of service it’s so fulfilling to help others.

For me, leading others to transformation is so fulfilling.

I truly believe if more people were out there being of service and being impact-focused, this world would be a different place.

All of these things are areas of focus in my life. With my business, podcast Fulfilled Female Entrepreneur, blog, and offerings. I wish the same for you.

Remember, by us living as our Fulfilled Femmes, it is like a pebble being dropped in the water. When that happens a massive ripple effect takes place. Most of it goes unseen.

That one Instagram post you make can shift someone’s perspective, smiling at someone can make their day, and living as your Fulfilled Femme can inspire others.

ripple effect in water, causing a ripple effect, fulfilling life causing a ripple effect

All this to say small actions every day can bring fulfillment in your life.

Doing things that bring you joy, acting in spite of your fears, and having what may feel like small impactful actions!

With all this being said, living a fulfilling life is about having clarity of your purpose and living it to the fullest, embodying the most confident version of your life so you can make that life you daydream about into reality and creating an impact with the small moments as well as the big ones.

You will see these three themes throughout the course of upcoming blog posts. I will be posting blogs every Tuesday. I look forward to reconnecting with you here.

I invite you to share, what a fulfilling life looks like for you. Feel free to comment below!

See you next Tuesday for a new blog post! In the meantime, you are welcome to check out this video I made about creating a fulfilling business in my Facebook Group Fulfilled Female Entrepreneur!

Love and Light,


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