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3 Keys to Redefine Your Fears as an Entrepreneur

Hey Fulfilled Femme,

What is the biggest thing that has held you back from having a fulfilling life and business?

Is it a fear of taking risks?

Do you worry about what could happen if you take that big leap you’ve been thinking about?

Maybe you have a lot of self-doubt when it comes to stepping into your entrepreneurial journey and that makes you feel stuck.

Whatever it is, it usually comes down to fear.

There are many fears that we feel in entrepreneurship. Let's highlight some of them.

woman redefining fear as an entrepreneur

What are the biggest fears in entrepreneurship?

As an intuitive life, business coach, and healer I have come across hundreds of entrepreneurs. The biggest fears that they have shared with me are fear of failure, success, imposter syndrome, scared about how to start their business, self-doubt, and judgment from others. Those are just a few of them.

Each and every one of these is completely normal. Being an entrepreneur can be one of the most triggering decisions in life. Why? Because it's a massive step outside our comfort zones. Whenever we take a big step outside our usual norms, that's when our fears are activated.

When I was first starting out, I was constantly dealing with the fear of change and uncertainty. I had a dependable 9-5, predictable comfort with a routine and paycheck every week, but I knew I was meant to do something more. There were moments when I had an inward battle of having my 9-5 at the time as a safety net and taking a massive leap of faith toward creating an impactful business. I wanted so badly to step into that fulfillment as an entrepreneur, but my fear was the biggest piece I had to push past. There was a pull to make a leap of faith but fears about money, success, and doubt in my abilities to bring my vision into reality.

I see this same fear come up in a lot of new entrepreneurs. Other big fears I see a lot of are fears of success, failure, taking big risks, or the fear of not being good enough to succeed.​ Luckily I redefined my relationship with fear and that's what allowed me to make the leap. I spoke about it in a podcast episode about facing your fears with confidence. You are welcome to check it out here.

It can feel like you’ll never move out of those fears, and step into the success you know you’re meant for, but there are ways to reframe your fears and step back into your empowered self.

​So, let’s look at 3 Keys to Redefine Your Fears as an Entrepreneur!

First, Repeat, “Everything happens for me, not to me.” ​Go ahead… say it! I talk about this one a lot because this little reframe can almost instantly bring you back into that empowered state.

Maybe things aren’t happening fast enough, or you’re experiencing a temporary setback. Maybe you feel like a risk you took isn’t working out.

But what if you thought about everything happening to you as a lesson, and an opportunity to go down a new path that would never have been visible to you before?

It’s these lessons that are usually the most important for our growth and evolution as an entrepreneur. You could just stop when you get to a roadblock, but if you really start to look for the gift in every challenge, you are going to see yourself thriving.

woman redefining fear as an entrepreneur

Second, Reframe your Fear of Success into a Compliment.

This one has a lot to do with reframing that self-doubt. When you're just starting out, or even well into your entrepreneurial journey, you might notice a lot of negative, fear-based self-talk.

This is just the ego coming up to protect you.

Instead of letting the ego run wild with all these negative thoughts, think about it as a sign of your impending greatness. You are about to take such a big, aligned step into your fulfilled life, that your ego is trying to kick up everything it can to hold you back.

Say, thanks but no thanks, give yourself a pat on the back for taking these brave steps in your business and move forward with grace and gratitude. ​ ​The fear of success is actually a sign you’re doing something right!

Third, Remember the Importance of Stepping Out of your Comfort Zone

As we discussed in the second point, when you feel fears keeping you from stepping out of your comfort zone, you’re actually stepping into your aligned, successful future.

In order to reach the next level in your business, it’s so important to choose to act in spite of your fears.

All of the success, all of the beautiful thriving parts of being an entrepreneur are found outside of your comfort zone, so make that conscious choice to step outside of it, take the risk, and go for it full speed ahead!

If you need some immediate support with whatever fears are coming up for you take a look at my coaching and healing offerings. It would be my honour and privilege to help you move through your fears and create the fulfilling life you daydream about.

Love and Light,


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