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3 Myths about Starting a Successful Coaching Business

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So you want to start a coaching business, but you’re not sure where to get started or what to prioritize. You’re in the right place.

I know many of you are emerging into the coaching space. So I thought sharing my personal experience with starting a personal development coaching business would be super high value for those looking to get started.

I remember being caught up in the how and focused on how to get started. I was focused on how I presented myself instead of creating valuable content, which led me to learn about so many coaching myths.

Myths of Starting a Coaching Business

1. You Have to Have a Business Plan

I went to many free seminars when I started my first business that taught us that we needed to have a clear business plan. Spending so much time writing every detail from a mission statement to a play-by-play to profitability. This can be so tedious and keep your focus away from what truly matters...

The truth: It comes down to who you serve and what you offer. Instead of spending a lot of time creating the perfect business plan, figure out who you want to work with, and what you are offering. Clarity clear. The more crystal clear you can be, the better you can serve your clients.

I help my clients use their own stories to understand who they want to serve in an impactful way through my coaching and course offerings. If you’re interested, you can send me a DM on Instagram.

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2. You Need a Website

A lot of people focus on creating the perfect website, logo, and business cards, etc. This takes up so much time, but it’s not necessary. Eventually, you will have a website, but it’s not essential for landing your first coaching clients.

The truth: Find a platform that resonates with you and is where your audience is hanging out. Focus on growing that platform instead of creating the perfect website. When you look for someone to work with, are you googling them? Or are you checking their social media profiles? Keep that in mind. Social media pages are the new website and business card.

Create a platform that you love and build on that. That could be Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, etc. Show up and post valuable content consistently.

3. Work for Free

When you first start out, you might hear that you should offer your coaching for free to gain confidence and practice or “test” your skills as a coach.

The truth: They will not value you the same as they would if you charged them. The way you will show up is different, and the way they will show up is different. You are not going to feel good about this exchange.

Create an offer that feels good for you and charge for it. When you build testimonials, you must create a breakthrough and transformation for them and build your confidence as a coach. Stand into your values, consider the time and money you invested in yourself, lean into that, and believe in your abilities.

This way, your clients will show up fully to get their transformation. If you are struggling with charging a premium, consider honoring a special price for the first three people. But do not give your programs work for free!!

I am a huge advocate for finding clarity around who you want to work with and the transformation you provide. Skipping the time-consuming work of building the perfect website and charging for your value even if you are a new coach.

I hope this leaves you feeling more prepared and excited to start your coaching business! If you are looking for more support, make sure to follow me on Instagram! Join my Facebook Community: Achieve Your Dreams with Cassandra Rosa.

See you next Tuesday at 4PM EST with a new blog post!

Love and light,


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