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Cultivating Inner Peace in Business

Hey Fulfilled Femme,

Today let's focus on creating inner peace in business.

On the entrepreneurship journey, there are moments when we have setbacks, plot twists, missed expectations, doubts, and fears.

On social media, it may just look like client wins, and fun but let's be real, there are also unexpected things that come up along the way. It's all part of the process. All of these moments come up with a higher purpose to allow us to learn deep lessons like the power of surrender, letting go, and developing trust within.

I have had many moments like this in my 5 years of business. The highest highs and moments were divinely gifted for me to learn lots of powerful lessons to allow for more personal and professional quantum leaps.

In those moments it's crucial to have a process to get back to peace and calm. In those states, we are able to come home to ourselves, see the lessons, integrate the teachings, and catapult ourselves to our next level of growth.

business owner feeling peace

Here are some steps to cultivate Inner Peace in business:

1) Assess the Stress

Here are some questions to help you get started in the process.

What are the things taking you off center?

What's getting in the way of you feeling most happy, and at peace?

It's important to ask yourselves those questions. That way you can cultivate the self-awareness to assess the deeper roots of the stress.

As life passes us by, we may lose sight of what is making us feel off.

It's important to journal or confide in a friend who's causing us to feel not at peace. I love to use these questions and tools to help me cultivate awareness within.

Feel free to ask yourself what situations, people, and habits, are taking our peace away. That way you can hit the nail on the head and get back to the root cause.

Awareness is always the first step to creating change.

2) Connect with the present moment.

Stress can come from being too caught up in the past or the future. As business owners, we can easily get caught up on the big goals we have for ourselves and solve issues from our past.

If we are depressed we are caught up in the past.

If we are anxious we are worried for the future.

Being present is crucial to relieve stress. That we are focused on the here and now instead of getting caught up in all the "should have, could have, would haves," from the past and putting stress on ourselves for what we want to create in the future.

Try a gratitude practice like writing down what are 5 things you are grateful for in the present.

You could also try connecting with all your senses or meditation to get tied to the present. Connect to what you see, what you hear, what you feel, what you smell, and what you taste.

These are powerful tips that will allow you to shift your focus to the here and now.

3) Nourish your mind, body, and soul.

This includes releasing what's causing you stress and taking a moment to do what makes you feel most relaxed mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Letting go of the stress and filling your day with what makes you feel good helps shift your state to a more favourable one.

Sometimes a special dose of self-care can be what's needed to get us back into a state of relaxation and peace.

Try spending time with your loved ones, going for a walk, working out, reading, enjoying a cup of coffee, doing a breathwork practice - whatever self-care means to you.

Remember it's not a one size fits all approach. Ask yourself, what can you do for your mind, body, and soul that makes YOU feel most nourished?

Entrepreneur feeling peaceful

I have a BONUS for you.

Here's a simple tool when you are in the heat of the moment. This is my go-to tool.

If you are feeling a chaotic moment or triggered.

- Call out what you are feeling and name it IE Stressed.

- Choose what you want to feel instead. IE Peace

- Take a deep breath and breathe in what you want (peace) and exhale what you are releasing (stress).

- Do this breathing until you feel an energetic shift.

This can take seconds to shift your state. I have used this simple tool endless times to deal with stressful moments. I hope it helps you.

With that being said, I hope you can apply these tools and tips I shared with you today to cultivate more inner peace. Peace is one of my favourite states and is so important for business owners.

See you next Tuesday at 12 noon EST for another Blog Post. Until then you are welcome to check out my Facebook Group for free weekly live videos and exclusive offers. Join here.

Love and Light,


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