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3 Steps to Boost Your Energy

Hey Fulfilled Femme,

Do you ever feel like you’re in a situation or environment where your energy just drains?

Or do you feel like you need to boost your overall energy, and don’t know where to begin?

I used to completely relate to these!

In 2019, I was working 6 days a week at a sales job, taking 3 courses, creating my business, and taking new clients regularly.

This took alot of my energy and focus. So much more than I ever realized.

As much as I was in love with the courses I was taking and the work I was doing in my business, I was in a job that I wasn't happy in. There were people and circumstances in that work environment that weren't serving me.

It became clear to me the importance of optimizing my energy so I could work from a state of flow, and remain focused on what mattered most to me.

These steps helped me stay focused on my goals, and ultimately create the business and life I dreamed about.

I learned how to cultivate balance, flow, and optimization in my life even in times when I felt like I’m being pulled in all different directions.

So, if you feel like you have entirely too much going on in your life and you’re relying a lot on coffee and energy drinks to get you through…

woman meditating

​How can I boost my energy? Here are 3 steps.

1. Become aware what "drains" your energy

Whether it’s a person, a job, or a combination of things in your environment, the first thing you have to do is become aware when your energy dips.

- What is it you’re doing? Who are you around?

When there are things in your life that are not in alignment with your values, even subconsciously, they can drain your energy immediately.

Once you start identifying when your energy drains, you can:

  • Limit your exposure

  • Shift your perspective around it

  • Use energy boosters before and after

When I was still working in my old 9-5, I realized every time I was around a coworker, my energy felt drained.

So instead of losing my energy to the situation every day, and not having anything left to build my future career, I:

  • Stayed away from her as much as possible

  • I shifted my perspective about the overall job from “this is unfulfilling” to “this is an opportunity to help make my dreams a reality”

  • I cultivated forgiveness to free myself from the energetic ties to that person

  • I boosted my energy before and after my job

Identifying the sources of energy drain can be an eye-opening experience and open a pathway to liberation and flow state.

If you'd like to learn more about reframing your perspective about energetic blocks, check out this episode of the Fulfilled Female Entrepreneur Podcast that we talked more about it.

2. Do What Energizes You

When you are looking to boost your energy, you need to identify what does just that!

- What excites you? - What makes you feel a sense of peace? - What makes you feel good?

For me, I love any type of personal development content.

When dealing with energy-draining situations I turn to books, podcasts, and high vibe music.

In the experience with the job that didn’t fulfill me, I would put on music that filled my soul on my commute to work, and it helped me feel less drained throughout the day.

Think about it like your gas tank - if you’re at full before you go around energy-draining situations, you’ll feel much less drained than if you started with only a quarter full in your tank.

Things you can try:

  • Meditation

  • Music

  • Dancing in your room

  • Spending time in nature

You can use this technique for those days when you feel tired, had a busy past couple of days, or are just overall low energy.

woman dancing

3. Balance your energies

As the beings that we are, we exist as the perfect blend of masculine and feminine energy.

Masculine energy is action-oriented, deals with effort-based tasks, and has “go, go, go” energy.

Feminine energy is receiving-oriented. It deals with, flow, calm, and reflective actions.

It’s important to have a balance of feminine and masculine energies so we do not face burnout.

It’s like a dance of give and take throughout the day.

Identify what your day looks like, and look at the actions you take.

Are they more action-based, or reflection based?

Wherever you see an imbalance toward either side, look for opportunities to add more of either energy.

That could look like meditation, journaling, or a calm walk if you need more feminine energy.

Or implement a to-do list routine where you knock out tasks in a take-action way if you need more masculine energy.

If you do all the steps:

  • Become aware when your energy drains

  • Find what energizes you

  • Balance your dual energies

You will find yourself in a place where you naturally enter a state of flow, and not only accomplish so much more, but feel fulfilled doing it!

I hope you found this blog helpful. See you next week Tuesday at noon EST for another blog post. Until then, check out my latest blog post about how to activate your most powerful self!

Love and Light,


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