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Simple Mindset Shifting Hack

Hey Dream Achievers,

Today's blog post is all about shifting your mindset.

I am going to share a simple hack you can start implementing today that will help you shift your mindset from negative based thoughts that are limiting you to more positive expansive thinking.

The more positive your mindset, the easier it will be to stay on track to achieve every single one of your dreams.

What is the hack?

Expressing gratitude.

Gratitude is a popular topic discussed in the personal development industry and there's a significant reason why.

Gratitude is an expander. Expressing gratitude within or sharing it out loud can help you shift from being in a negative state to a positive state, expansive state.

When you share gratitude with someone or something in your life, it takes the place of any negativity that could have surfaced. It creates space for more positivity in your life.

There are even scientific studies that show us why gratitude is an integral part of our lives.

The Science Behind Gratitude

Gratitude has been shown to have a positive affect on mental health challenges you might be experiencing.

Gratitude increases happiness and positivity by releasing dopamine in your brain. Long term it can actually positively change your brain.

Personally, I love gratitude because it helps me not only increase positivity but also stay present in my life.

Being positive and staying present in your current situation will help you achieve all of your goals and dreams.

Ways To Include Gratitude Daily

Here are a few simple ways you can incorporate gratitude into your daily routine, increase your positivity and therefore increase your ability to achieve your dreams.

Have a Gratitude Journal

I have had a gratitude journal for many years now and I’ve found that it is a wonderful way to be present and tactile in writing your gratitude down. Keep it by your bedside, either in the morning or the evening write down ten things you are grateful for.

Share Gratitude Others

This is so very powerful. My boyfriend and I share gratitude every single day and it’s especially wonderful to do before bed.

If you go to sleep with a positive mind it helps you sleep better because your mind isn’t spiraling down a bunch of different negative paths and you wake up with a positive light.

So share it with your significant other, your friends, and family.

It’s also a great way that you can recap your day of all the positive things that you are grateful for.

Have Gratitude In Your Toolbox For When You’re Feeling Down

If there is a moment that you can see your mind is going down a path of negativity you can center yourself by choosing to list things you are grateful for.

Tony Robbins is huge in the personal development industry and he swears by it.

He says, “Gratitude is your instant expander. Express whatever needs to be expressed emotions wise and then shift over to gratitude so you can expand, be in a positive state of mind and have light.”

Even in the dark and sad moments, even then there is something to be grateful for, lessons to be learned and gratitude that can be expressed.

A little bit of gratitude can go a long way and completely change your mindset.

So, what is something you are grateful for right now? Let me know in the comments.

Again, thank you so much for reading my blog post. If you haven’t already come, join my community of dream achievers in the Facebook group where I go live every Monday and Wednesday.

Otherwise, keep an eye out for my next blog posts every Tuesday at 4 PM!

Much love,

Cassandra Rosa

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