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How To Create A Vision Board that ACTUALLY Helps you Achieve Your Goals

Hey Dream Achievers!

Welcome to another blog post! Today I am going to be sharing why vision boards are so important, how to create one and how to use one to stay focused on achieving your goals and dreams.

So, what is a vision board?

It is a visual representation of your goals, dreams, intentions, and things that you want to create. Vision boards are so powerful. There is a reason why they are so big in the personal development industry.

Personally, I’ve had a bunch of different vision boards for the past five years. They have helped me accomplish so many of my goals and dreams. That’s why I had to keep creating new ones.

Vision boards help with the law of attraction. They help you match the frequency of what it is that you want to create. They help you stay focused and motivated.

How To Create A Vision Board

Step 1:

First, you are going to think of your top 4-5 values. For me, It’s my purpose, and business, travel and adventure, personal development and the legacy I am creating for my family.

Step 2:

Next, you will take those four values and choose some things you want to achieve under each of those categories. It’s a good idea to only choose a few so that you can really focus on those goals. Make a list of all of your goals, dreams, and desires.

For example, under my business section, I want to create a self-study course, a podcast, and a book. For my travel/adventure section, I want to go skydiving, to Peru and to Banff. Then up at the top for my personal development side, I have a visual representation of how I want my body to look, a meditation, and some of the courses I’m enrolled in. Then my family legacy section I have the type of house I want, investments, my future wedding dress, and a French Bulldog.

Step 3:

You need to decide if you are going the physical or digital route when creating your vision board. They are both effective.

I’ve had physical ones for years, but recently I decided to switch to a digital one because I spend everyday on my computer and decided to upgrade my wallpaper home screen.

If you choose to create one digitally you can use a platform called Canva. You can find many templates. Once you create it, then you can just download it and upload it as your wallpaper on your laptop. That way every time you open your laptop you get reminded of your goals.

If you’re going the physical route, add some images on a PDF, print them, and paste them onto a poster board. Super simple. It can be fun to do a little project with your kids too.

Here are a few bonus tips to help you stay focused on your goals represented by the vision board:

Put it in place that you see daily, whether that's your bedroom wall or your desktop.

Make a habit to focus on it daily. You can use it to remind you of your dreams right before you start work or hop on a client call.

Use it as a tool to motivate and fire you up when you’re about to be productive or you’re struggling with procrastination.

Lastly, put a picture of your “why” in the middle of your vision board, include some words and quotes that will fire you up and inspire you. On my vision board I have my favourite quotes, my favourite affirmation and the word I chose for the year…. Expansion.

Creating a vision board is such a creative, simple task to help motivate you and get you laser-focused on your goals.

How you structure your board is totally up to you, get creative with it!

Stay tuned every Tuesday at 4pm for a new blog post!

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Much love,

Cassandra Rosa

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