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Creating Your Ideal Morning Routine

Hey Fulfilled Femme,

This week I'm excited to talk about mastering your morning routine. It is something that I can confidently say I have refined and mastered over the past few years.

I have to admit it hasn't always been this wayy..

I have not been a morning person since I was a child. When I was working my full-time job, I used to wake up at the last possible second to get ready for work and begin my morning commute. My mornings were very fast-paced. Scarfing down breakfast (if having it at all), getting ready for work, and rushing to make it to work on time. That caused my mornings to be a bit chaotic. Maybe that came from the dread of the job I had, or being overtired when balancing my full-time job and entrepreneurship.

In recent years. I have enjoyed slow mornings with a nourishing routine. I have realized, there is nothing better than waking up refreshed, aligned, energized, and in flow. Starting off your day that way is soo important to set the tone for the day.

I felt such an enormous shift in the way I approach my mornings. They are now spacious and get me excited for the day that is ahead.

I have changed my relationship with the mornings and realized in this stage of my life despite the pressure to be part of the 5am club, that it is important to choose the path of least resistance when creating your own morning routine.

That's why I have titled today's post Creating YOUR Ideal Morning Routine.

Whether you wake up before the sun does or prefer to sleep in, have many hours for a routine, or even just a few, I hope this blog supports you in the process of creating your ideal morning routine.

This isn't going to include just a bunch of tips but I hope it will empower you to master your mornings and set up your days to come with success.

women stretching in the morning

​Here's how to create your Ideal Morning Routine.

Mastering your Mornings starts with the night before.

Setting intentions before the morning and getting a deep sleep no matter how many hours you get is so key.

I like to set the tone with intentionality so I know where to focus my attention for my day ahead.

You may be wondering how to get a deep sleep. Sleep meditations have been critical for me. That way I am in a deep sleep and am taking advantage of the state my brain is in while you are resting. Your brain becomes a sponge.

That's why I use meditations with affirmations to program my subconscious mind. I feel such a difference in the nights I miss out on my sleep meditation rituals.

Check out one of my favourite meditation facilitator's meditations on Insight Timer Here!

To set yourself up for a successful moment ask yourself.. What are some simple things I can do the night before to prepare for the day ahead?

Realize that morning routines are not one size fits all.

There are so many gurus on the internet who share how their morning routines are the best and they have must-haves for how they start their day.

Everyone is different. Some people are morning people others are night owls. Some have a 9-5 others are entrepreneurs. Some are parents others are single. Some like slower mornings others jump out of bed and are ready to take on the day. Some people like a time-blocked schedule others build mornings that are more sequential.

All these things contribute to unique morning routines. Even day-to-day based on scheduling mornings may be different and that's okay!

Take what resonates with all the suggestions and leave the rest.

Trial and error is key to finding what parts of your morning routine help you feel most energized, in flow, positive, and productive for the day ahead. Ultimately choose the path of least resistance.

To learn about my morning routine, check out this video in my Facebook Community.

Reflect on ....How can you customize your morning routine for you?

women working out in the morning

Create a morning routine with your mind, body, and soul in mind.

I have found that the more I build my mornings with my mind, body, and soul at the highest priority, the better my days will be.

For example, moving your body. Whether it's a workout, walking in nature, stretching, yoga, or dancing whatever your favourite form of movement is, it gets your body energized.

For mind - reading, meditating, saying affirmations, or a gratitude practice.

For soul-channeling, meditating, pulling angel cards, saying a mantra or breathwork.

These are just some ideas but what allows your mind, body, and soul to feel most nourished?

This can take as little as 5 mins. If you have the space in the morning make it as long as you need it to be.

In the process of building morning habits, track your progress.

If you are documenting and tracking the steps you are making toward building consistency, you will know what you are excelling at and what needs to pivot.

This is crucial for mastering your mornings.

If you'd like access to a free guide to help you with this, check out my free productivity guide.

Ultimately it's important to choose a morning routine with the least resistance.

I hope after reading this blog you feel empowered to play and discover what is the most ideal morning routine for you.

See you next Tuesday at noon EST for the next blog post. Until then, just in case you missed it, check out the previous blog posts here.

Love and Light,


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