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Create a deeper connection with your intuition

Hey Fulfilled Femme,

Today’s topic is all about deepening your connection with your intuition!

Your connection with your intuition can be the foundation for propelling you toward the life and business you’re meant to have!

My intuition has been the biggest guide to helping me create a fulfilling life and impactful business.

Connecting with her intuition

What is your intuition?

Your intuition helps you develop an instinctual feeling about something without the need for logical thinking. You experience an immediate understanding of something. It can feel like a gut feeling. When making decisions you get a feeling in the pit of your stomach of which direction to pursue.

The beautiful part is that all of us have intuition - it’s just about choosing to consciously focus, trust, and connect with our intuition in our day-to-day life.

My intuition journey

From a young age, I had an inherent relationship with my intuition. I felt I could sense the good from the bad, and even connect with deceased loved ones. I was always receiving lots of different clues about my spiritual connections.

I often feared my intuition due to how accurate it was. When I had a gut feeling about a person or an instance and it would come true, I was shocked by my gift. There was a great season of my life that I didn't understand it and suppressed my intuition.

It wasn't until I realized how much of a superpower it was that I began to allow my intuition to guide me in life.

I actually made a podcast episode about my intuitive journey I invite you to tune into. You can do so here.

The biggest lesson I learned about my intuition is the more you deepen it, the more you make decisions that are aligned, and the more your intuition can guide you in everything you do. It can help you create massive results in your life and business.

Now it's time to deepen yours and access your superpower.

How to deepen your relationship with your intuition

1. Understand the difference between your intuition and your ego

When you start listening to your inner voice, you might find that there are two different vibrational voices that often pop up.

One is your ego. It is usually restrictive and focuses on safety and security. Often it is saying, Stay here, stay stuck, stay in your comfort zone.” It can tell you lots of untruths to keep you safe. When negative thoughts about you and your potential come up it's from your ego.

Intuition, on the other hand, feels like an expansive, positive space. It often speaks in a cheerleader, supportive energy type voice. It's very direct.

Even when it feels challenging, like it’s pushing you out of your comfort zone, there is a level of positive trust that you will tune into.

**In practice: start listening to your inner voice throughout a regular day, and work to identify when that voice is ego and when it is intuition. Use it in simple decision-making like what to eat for breakfast and listen in to where your gut leads you. This will build your confidence for the bigger life decisions.

2. Create an intentional connection with your intuition

In order to create this connection, it can be helpful to use tools like meditation, oracle cards, tarot cards, using a pendulum, or using your own body as a pendulum.

** I love to find intuition based meditations on my favourite meditation app Insight Timer. Check it out here.

The more you create this relationship with your intuition or higher self, the more it will grow. Making it fun and light-hearted with these tools can lead to massive breakthroughs and connection.

**In practice: Whenever you need to make a decision, ask yourself, “Does this feel expansive?” Then learn to tell when your intuition is leading you someplace, or if your inner voice is quieter, then it’s saying it’s not for you.

Connecting with her intuition

3. Trust and Act from your Intuition

In that decision-making process, commit to acting on your intuition. When you feel that pull in your gut, listen to it, and act accordingly.

For example, even if it’s something as basic as asking yourself what you should have tea or coffee today. Start to integrate a fun, interactive practice where you learn to trust the choice your intuition is leading you towards.

The more you develop your inner voice, trust it, and take actions accordingly, the more you will be able to step into your most fulfilled version of yourself! Building consistency with these practices as with anything will build more of a relationship and trust within self.

If you want to dive more into this topic, and embrace, and step into your highest, most fulfilled self, learn more about my program: Fulfilled Femme Entrepreneur. It’s a 6 month program designed to help you tap fully into your intuition and step into your most fulfilled life and business.

If this is something you want to dive deeper into, my Fulfilled Femme Entrepreneur program is open for registration! Click here to learn more!

Love and Light,


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