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The Secret to Becoming a Full Time Entrepreneur

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I was recording a podcast with a dear friend of mine. We spoke about my story, and something became so clear to me. Something that has helped me become a full-time intuitive life coach in 6 months.

I worked a sales job for 5 years, and I wanted to become a full-time life coach. I thought it would be best to focus on the how of things. I began learning all the technical aspects of running a business.

My first launch did not go as planned. But eventually, I was able to transition into being a full-time life coach in 6 months from officially launching!

During this conversation and reflection on my journey to being a full-time life coach, my friend asked me what advice I would give someone else to make that shift.

I thought about how I got created momentum and the logistical things. What felt called to share not many successful entrepreneurs talk about was…


All the daydreaming I was doing about my business is the one thing that helped propel me forward into creating a widely successful online business.

Whenever there was downtime at my full-time job. I was standing there daydreaming about what it would be like to do what I love every day. I was picturing how I would feel to give my resignation letter. How it would be to travel and do what I love and work from my laptop.

The more that I leaned into that and fully engulfed myself in that experience that’s when the acceleration started.

I gave myself permission to daydream. If there was quiet, I would daydream.

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Once I tapped into what it would look and feel like, things really started to change.

If you are familiar with me, you have heard me talk about manifestation before. When you really tap into what it looks like, what it feels like, and that experience of having something in your reality, that's the law of attraction.

That’s how you energetically call in what you truly want. You become a match for what you want.

Give yourself permission to daydream about what you want. Create time for yourself to sit and imagine living the life you want to be living. Don’t underestimate the power of daydreaming.

Daydream about what your life would look like,

how you would feel to live the dream full-time,

and who you would be to make it a reality.

The more you lean into that feeling the more that daydream is going to turn into something you achieved in your life.

As cheesy as it sounds, it all starts with being a dreamer and dreaming big.

It all starts with a dream. So allow yourself to fully step into that dream.

And before you know it you’re achieving your dreams, you're the dream achiever. That’s why I call the members of my community the "Dream Achievers."

Really allow yourself to imagine what it would be like to be a full-time entrepreneur, get specific about what that experience would look like.

I wasn't picturing something general. I got really specific about what my life would look like.

Tap into that and tap into it consistently because that will help you hit the gas peddle.

What dream are you daydreaming?

Love and light,

Cassandra Rosa

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