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The biggest signs from the Universe

Hey Fulfilled Femme,

Have you been seeing signs from the universe lately?

Today we are going to unpack why we see signs, how to know if you are receiving one, and some of the most common ones.

I felt called to focus on this topic today for a couple of reasons. One is that I did a story post about angel numbers on my Instagram (If you aren't already following me you are welcome to here) and I constantly see signs.

I am always searching for the spiritual meaning of various signs I receive. Whether they are angel numbers, items crossing my path, or numbers.

It has almost become this fun game over the years to see the abundance of gifts from the universe and see the higher meaning.

So you may be wondering, who is delivering the signs?

This may differ based on your personal beliefs. Whichever of these you resonate with, take them and leave the rest.

One can believe they are from God, the Universe, Angels, guides, ancestors, or deceased loved ones. For me, I love to acknowledge that I am supported by others aside from people in the physical. Especially in difficult times, I see lots of comfort in it.

signs from the universe

Why are we being given signs?

There are various reasons such as a sign of assurance, deepening our connection to a higher power or ourselves, and or receiving messages or cautions.

Let's unpack these.

Assurance and Support

In transformational times of our lives, we may be missing faith, or trust. We may be seeking some support when feeling alone or lost.

Signs may cross our path as a sign of assurance that we are on the right path. It's like the higher powers are giving us some cheerleader energy we may need to move forward with important decisions.

This was evident in my life when I was going through a major Now What Moment of choosing what I was going to do with my life career-wise. It was the beginning of my personal development journey and I was seeing the number 5 everywhere and robins.

I later found out from a medium it was a sign of assurance from my late grandfather that he was there cheering me on with what I was moving towards.

This sign of assurance and support became so comforting to me that I got a tattoo of the Roman numeral number 5 to remind me that I am always being supported.


We can have things happen in our lives that guide us to make a different decision or to change our paths. Sometimes we are so focused on a particular outcome that beings greater than us step in and give us signs to go in another direction.

I have entered rooms or situations and in my gut felt like I was meant to leave. It was a sign from the universe it was time to go somewhere else instead.

Even though messages of caution can be difficult to receive at times, I greatly appreciate these messages as much as the others.

Connection and Messages

We may see repetitive signs and messages as an invitation to deepen our connections to ourselves and our intuition or spiritual side. These can show up in our spiritual awakening moments to remind us of the connectedness of all that is.

For example, we see a sequence of Angel numbers every time we look at the clock. They almost become obvious to the point we look up the meaning.

Lately, I have been seeing 333 which signifies encouragement to set plans into action, allow strength to be a guide, trust ourselves, and get into a creative, optimistic, intuitive energy. As I am writing this email I just saw the number on my computer lol.

What are some of the biggest signs from the universe?

  • animals

  • repetitive numbers

  • music

  • deja vus

  • "coincidence moments"

  • conversations with others or those around you

  • gut instincts - unexplained focus on a specific thing

  • body pains

  • repetitive messages, objects, people, or places

angel number, sign from the universe

How can you be open to receiving the signs?

If you are seeing repetition, or something unexpectedly crossing your path become curious about the potential meanings.

Feel free to google what the meanings are by googling the spiritual meaning of___

There may be multiple meanings. Take what part of the message that resonates and leave the rest.

For example, going for a walk and a rabbit hopping across your path. See the message that the animal was trying to give you.

Another way is to use tools like oracle cards, or meditation to intentionally ask for the signs. The list of the signs I mentioned above can be the gateway to deepening your connection with whoever you resonate with.

For me, the more I became curious about the biggest signs from the universe, the more I built my toolbox to access my intuition. This has been a pivotal tool to allow me to create the fulfilling life I have now.

I hope this blog resonated with you. See you next Tuesday at 12pm EST for our next post. Until then feel free to check out some of my other recent blog posts here.

Love and Light,

Cassandra Rosa

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