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Powerful Manifesting Tips to Amplify Your Manifestations

Powerful Manifesting Tips - How to Manifest

So, you’ve been trying to manifest, but nothing seems to be working. Well, you’re in luck because we are chatting about how to amplify your manifestations so you can start manifesting your dream life and business with ease and grace.

I know so many of you have big goals. This past week I shared a blog post about how to tell if your vision board is working, which is a step you can take to begin manifesting your dream life and business.


Why manifestation?

Before we delve into how to amplify your manifestations, let’s chat about why manifesting is key for achieving your goals and dreams.

Manifestation works based on the law of attraction, which you might know, states like attracts like. So, manifestation practices allow us to raise our vibration and begin living as though we already have the thing we are trying to manifest.

It’s literally creating the feeling and experience of that thing. By doing this, your frequency will match that of your desire. Matching your energetic frequency to that of which you desire is the key to manifestation.

With that being said, how can we amplify our manifest ions? If you’re someone who has been practicing manifestation—but you have not seen results, these tips will help.


How to Amplify your Manifestations and Attract more Abundance into your Life:

1. Connect to Your Senses

The best way to amplify your manifestations is to connect to your senses.

Ask yourself how you experience the world. Are you very kinesthetic—you walk into the room and get a feeling? Are you a visual person? Are you an auditory person?

How do you interact with the world?

If you connect with your predominant sense and use that during your manifestations, it will help you take them to the next level!

For example, I have been trying to manifest being on a beach in Mexico. When I look at my vision board, I see a beautiful picture of my manifestation. I really imagine that I step into that picture. I see a beautiful panoramic view of the ocean, the white sand, the sun, seagulls, my significant other beside me, tan and glowing skin.

If your predominant sense is touch—you can go as far as imagining the feeling of your feet in the sand or the sun on your skin, etc.

If you'er trying to manifest more live into your life you might want to check out: How to Manifest Love.

Feet in Sand - Powerful Manifesting Tips - How to Manifest

2. Visualize Your Manifestation Using Your Senses

For me, I focus on this beautiful Mexican beach.

I connect with the feeling of calmness and relaxation. I dive deep and try to imagine what every part of my manifestation will feel like in every sense.

When you are using your vision board, saying your affirmations, and using all of your manifestation tools, tap even deeper into the feeling and senses.

You can see those images in your mind or googling it or listening to sounds of what you want to manifest. You can connect with all those sounds in the here and now.

Pink - Powerful Manifesting Tips - How to Manifest


3. Use Guided Meditations

Use guided meditation to really connect with those senses and really amplify them.

Or you can start to write it out. Scripting or using the day-in-the-life exercise that I spoke about previously are great ways to connect to your manifestation. With these exercises, you can flesh out every detail of your desires.

These exercises are a powerful tool for manifestation because they allow you to become clear on what you want. Once you have clarity, magic happens, and you begin to manifest quickly and with ease.

If you are someone who enjoys self love and self care practices you might enjoy: 3 Self Love Practices to Manifest Your Dream Life

The clearer you are, the more you will attract what you want.


What is your favorite manifestation tool? Leave a comment!

I hope these tips help and, you can skyrocket your manifestations this week!

Stay tuned every Tuesday at 4PM EST for more manifestation, productivity, ad mindset tips.

Much love,

Cassandra Rosa


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