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How to Master Manifestation in 5 Steps

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Today on the Clarity Corner blog, I shared the 5 step process I used to master manifestation and begin manifesting my dream life.

Whether you are a beginner or familiar with manifestation, these steps will help you refine your practice. So you can bring them into reality with ease and flow.

5 Steps to Master Manifestation:

1. Define Your Dream

The biggest issue I see coming up for my clients and something that I struggled with at the beginning of my manifestation journey was getting clear on what I wanted. This might sound obvious, but it tends to be the most overlooked step of manifestation.

The way to resolve this is to become crystal clear on what you desire.

Having a clear vision of what you are manifesting helps to:

- stay focused,

- have a picture of where you are going

- create a clear message to the universe of what you want

How do we find this clarity?

Identify 5 things you value most. This allows us to create manifestations that are in alignment with what is most important to us.

From here, you can begin to create manifestations that are in alignment with your core values. This is a simple way to tap into clarity and create manifestations that feel authentic to you and will keep you motivated long term.

2. Clear Resistance

Now that we have defined your dream, it's time to overcome another manifestation mistake—having a victim mindset.

Manifesting requires that you believe that you are deserving, worthy, and capable of manifesting your desires and obtaining those manifestations. Having a resistance clearing practice as part of your manifestation process is essential.

You can use this exercise to help you clear out any blocks that are getting in the way of your manifestations.

Clearing Exercise:

The first step is to write, I release the following beliefs from my life, at the top of a scrap piece of paper, you will complete the exercise.

Next, write your responses to these prompts:

- What thoughts, beliefs, habits, patterns, and attributes are you ready to let go of?

- What do you believe is necessary to let go of to allow you to achieve your manifestations?

- What is standing in the way of you achieving your manifestations?

When you are complete with this exercise, please burn or rip up the sheets you used. It is very powerful to create closure with this resistance.

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3. Connect to Your Vision

Now that you cleared resistance, it is time to talk about another reason your manifestations might not be coming true. Sometimes we get really excited about something, set the intention, start the manifestation process and then, we forget it.

You cannot set and forget manifestations. Manifesting is an ongoing process and something that requires consistency.

Let's identify the best way to connect with your vision.

Let's understand how you connect with the world.

When you understand this important detail, you can create a manifestation connection tool that best suits you.

Are you a visual, kinesthetic, or auditory person?

Now that we've identified how you interact with the world— let's pinpoint the best manifestation connection tool for you!

For visual manifestors, it is so important to have a clear image of what achieving their manifestation would look like.

That way the picture is clear

Recommended tools: vision boards, and visualization.

For kinesthetic manifestors (like me), it's important to feel how you feel when you accomplish your manifestation.

Tapping into that feeling amps up manifesting powers.

Recommended tools: Day in a Life, and guided meditation

For auditory manifestors, they like to incorporate the sounds associated with ringing in their manifestation. That way you can hear what it will sound like to manifest what they


Recommended tools: record yourself describing your manifestation, and listen to it daily, choose a victory song you will listen to when achieving your goal, and listen to it every day.

4. Stay the Course

Similar to setting and forgetting, it is important to stay the course of your manifestation. Like we talked about above, consistency is essential when it comes to manifesting.

But how can you remain consistent when it comes to manifesting your goals?

One of the biggest manifestation questions I get is, why isn't my manifestation happening fast enough?

What is really happening is that there is discontentment with the current reality. I call it destination syndrome.

There is such a focus on the future that they are dissatisfied with the current moment. How do we overcome that?

Harnessing inward reflection and review.

Ask yourself these questions: What is your biggest win? What is your biggest lesson? How did you celebrate?

Since I have harnessed inward reflection, I have found myself filled with gratitude for the current moment and have enjoyed the journey to achieve my manifestations.

Remember manifestation loves joy.

Another tool that has helped me to stay the course is to have an accountability partner.

An accountability partner is your personal cheerleader and coach who supports your journey to achieving your goals.

The benefits of an accountability partner are:

- they keep you connected to your manifestation

- you have a support system

- you have someone to celebrate your wins with

- they help you stay productive

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Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

5. Take Action Steps

The last mistake I see people making when trying to manifest is simply waiting for their manifestation to come true.

It is so important to remember that manifestation is a co-creative process. It's important to define your dream and take action.

To get started, I love to brainstorm a list of the tasks I believe to be necessary to achieve our desired outcome.

Take a look at step 1. What are the necessary steps you believe are needed to achieve your manifestation?

Now that we brainstormed the tasks, it's important to choose one thing to focus our attention on.

I love taking this simple approach as it allows us to overcome overwhelm and have a focused perspective.

I find that when you commit to taking a simple and attainable first step, it helps you increase confidence and build momentum.

I hope these tips help you begin to amplify your manifestations and master the power to manifest so you can start living the life of your dreams!

For more manifestation, personal development, and mindset tips for spiritual entrepreneurs, come to join my Facebook group: Achieve Your Dreams with Cassandra Rosa!

Much love,

Cassandra Rosa

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