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6 Ways to Tell if Your Vision Board is Working

If you do not have a vision board, you need to make one right now! It is one of my favorite tools to help manifest my dream life and business. In my Dream Achievers Accountability Circle, we connected with our visions and identified tools to help connect with our dreams.

It benefited so many of us, so I thought it would be great to share on the blog as well!

What is a vision board?

If you are not familiar with what a vision board is, what rock have you been living under? Haha, kidding. ;)

A vision board AKA dream board is a visual representation of our goals, dreams, and greatest desires. Basically, you create a collage with everything you want to achieve portrayed as images. For example, if you are trying to manifest a new house, you want to put a picture of it you want on your board, bonus points if you use images of the exact one you want. The more specific you can be, the better.

If you want help creating your first vision board, you might like to check out: How to Create a Vision Board that Actually Manifests.

The true intent behind it is the Law of Attraction. Which states: like attracts like. Having images of your desires and goals all in one place allows you to connect to them, get excited about them. This excitement will help raise your vibration. Raising your vibration to match that of which you are manifesting via your dream board.

I have achieved so many things that I have put on my vision boards. They have made an enormous difference in how I manifest and how often I achieve my goals and reach my desires.

How do you know it is working?

So, you created the board, you set the intention, how do you know if it is doing the job?


6 Ways to Tell if Your Vision Board is Working

1. You are Focused

This one is pretty simple—if you are focused on your goals, it is working. Since you are looking at your vision board daily, or at least you should be—wink wink. ;) Your intentions and desires will be in front of your mind. Instead of simply writing down your goals on New Year's Eve and then forgetting about them, your vision board is a constant reminder of them. It creates a sense of desire and focus. If you are taking focused action steps toward your desires, it is working!

6 Ways to Tell if Your Vision Board is Working

2. You are Motivated

This one goes right alongside being focused. You need to have a desire and a connection to your goals. So if you wake up in the morning, think about pressing snooze but see your vision board instead and get out of bed to start your day. It is working! The images on your board should evoke a sense of motivation and excitement when you look at them.

When I am lacking motivation, I look at my dream board soak in everything I desire. I see all of my goals that I want to achieve, and it lights a fire in me to get things going. It is the thing that pushes me to take aligned action steps daily, no matter how small.

3. You Have Clarity

Having a vision board requires that you identify your goals and desires. So if you are extremely clear on what you are working toward, why you are working toward it, and your next steps, Congratulations, your vision board is working!

Sometimes, we struggle to achieve our dreams because we are uncertain of what we want. Keeping a vision board creates a powerful reminder of the things we desire most.

4. You are Daydreaming

This is a fun one! If you are daydreaming about your goals, visualizing them, if you can see it clear as day. If I say, close your eyes and think of one of your goals. And you can clearly picture the image on your vision board and precisely what achieving your goal is going to look like, and feel like you have clarity.

See a pattern here? Focus, motivation, clarity?

6 Ways to Tell if Your Vision Board is Working

5. You Feel Confident in Achieving It

Once you have all of the above: focus, motivation, and clarity, you will be able to step into confidence. If you are clear on your desires, you are taking action because you are motivated and focused on your goals. You will be confident in achieving your vision board. If you feel like it is a big dream—but there is something inside you that feels like you can do it. Your vision board is working.

Your vision board should instill a feeling of confidence and belief. You believe that you will achieve everything on that board without focusing too much on the how.

6. Things on Your Vision Board are Being Achieved

Lastly, the most obvious sign your dream board is working. If things on your vision board are being achieved, it is the biggest indicator. Your vision is becoming a reality.

Maybe you are thinking: okay, this all sounds great, but Cassandra, what if I am not experiencing any of this?

6 Ways to Tell if Your Vision Board is Working

What if my vision board is not working?

Here are some adjustments you can make:

  • Look at it daily

If you are not looking at your vision board every day, there is no purpose in having one. I ended up having to switch the method of doing my vision board. I made mine my desktop background while I was traveling (Pre-COVID).

  • Put it in a significant place

If you want to see your vision board daily, do not put it somewhere you rarely go. Make sure it is in your bedroom or office if not your phone or desktop background. You want it to become a daily habit to look at your dream board. Make it easy on yourself by putting it somewhere you already look daily.

  • Make specific goals

Add specific goals that light you up and are in alignment with what you want to create. Do not put a random photo of someone flexing. Get clear on what it means to be fit for you and place-specific images that light you up and remind you of that desire.

  • Update it

Make sure that you update your vision board so that it is relevant. If you have a vision board that you already completed, it is not truly serving its purpose. It might be time to create a new one. You can still keep the old ones to remind you of all you achieved!

The entire universe quote - manifesting with a vision board - how to make your vision board work


So, is your vision board working? Or do you have something to change? Let me know in the comments.

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Much love,

Cassandra Rosa


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