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3 Self Love Practices to Manifest Your Dream Life

When it comes to achieving goals and creating the life of our dreams, we tend to get lost in the hustle. Self love is the last thing on our minds.

We tend to focus on giving, putting out. We spend our energy outside of ourselves because we are used to it.

We are told that success doesn’t come easily, that money doesn’t grow on trees, and you have to hustle really hard to even come close to achieving your goals.

All of this overshadows the importance of taking care of ourselves and inevitably leads to burnout.

If you want to build the life of your dreams, remember that self-love and self-care are just as important as putting in the work.

So, why is self-love important for achieving your dreams? Why does it matter?


Self-love creates self-awareness.

When you care for yourself, you begin to reflect on the things you do, bringing awareness to where you spend your time, energy, and money. You’ll become aware of imbalances in your life so you can begin to mend them.

Once you are aware and able to mend imbalanced areas of your life, you’ll begin to see your time and energy as important assets. The importance of making sure your energy is protected will become extremely valuable.

Protecting your time and energy will increase your productivity and energy levels so you can head into each project and day in the headspace you want to be in. You’ll be able to show up as your true, authentic self.


3 Ways to Cultivate More Self Love

1. Invest in Yourself

Invest in your personal development.

You can invest in your personal development in many different ways, by taking courses, reading books, traveling, etc.

Investing in the things that bring me joy and help me grow as an individual has completely transformed my life.

It’s like watering a plant—the more you care for it and give it the nourishment it needs, the more it will blossom.

Investing in yourself can even mean buying yourself a cute outfit that makes you feel super confident.


2. Feed Yourself Positivity

We can control what affects our energy.

We live in this world that isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but we have the power to decide what affects us.

If there is a negative situation that is going on around you, you have the power to set boundaries. You can decide to focus on positivity.

Ultimately, you can’t completely shut out all negativity. Setting boundaries will lessen the effect they have on you and keep you in a more positive space.

Be aware of what you allow into your space daily. What kind of music do you listen to? What tv shows do you watch? Who do you spend time with? All of these things have the power to impact your energy.

If something doesn’t make you feel good, cut it out.

For example, I stopped watching reality tv shows because I realized they didn’t improve my life or bring enjoyment into my life like they once did.

So, take inventory of the things and people you allow into your life.


3. Self Care Routine

Lastly, you should develop some kind of self-care routine.

This can be as small as taking time to enjoy your cup of coffee without interruptions or every morning have a few hours to do whatever makes you feel good. Some of my favorites are reading a book, meditating, doing a face mask, or anything that fills me with joy.

Again, it’s all about watering the plant and giving yourself everything you need to succeed.


I hope these tips helped, be sure to share your favorite way of cultivating more self-love in the comments!

Stay tuned every Tuesday at 4PM EST for a new blog post!

You can find more productivity, mindset, manifestation, and personal development tips by listening to my podcast: Clarity Conversations.

Much love,

Cassandra Rosa

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