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Life-Changing Grounding Techniques

Hey Fulfilled Femme,

Have you felt the change in the air?

Winter is almost here and the holidays are underway. It starting to get colder earlier, the days are getting darker and things getting busier with holidays taking place.

As a result, our regular routines are changing and it can feel like there are fewer hours in the day to get things done. That can bring on some overwhelming feelings of fitting all we need to do into a day.

Can you relate?

When change takes place in our external worlds, it's important to focus on grounding our internal worlds.

So within so without. If you want to be calm and grounded in life start within.

woman grounding

What is grounding?

It's creating a sense of safety, security, stillness, alignment, peace, and presence within.

When you embody these states it allows you to feel more connected with yourself and focusing in on the here and now.

It's about releasing the overwhelm and stress of all the external items on your to-do list and cultivating this sense of calm to navigate it all.

This makes the process much more easy and can skyrocket your productivity.

Who doesn't want that especially this time of year? Am I right?

What are some other benefits of grounding?

There are endless ways grounding can be a life-changing concept for you and your life.

I know it has been for me to help me with feelings of anxiety, being overwhelmed, and stress.

Here are some other benefits:

-helps with your overwhelmed well-being

-improves your mental health

-boosts your mood

-improves your sleep and its quality

-reduces pain

-improves circulation

- and many more

As you can see the work improves and boosts are used over and over again in this list. It can change your life mentally, and emotionally, and scientific studies have also shown it physically.

Do you feel even a bit more inspired since you started reading this blog to ground? I hope so. Even while reading it, I feel inspired to incorporate grounding even more into my daily routine.

It's often recommended to ground for about 20-30 mins a day. If that time seems a lot to fit in your schedule remember including it when you can is better than not doing it at all.

You may be wondering, what are some ways you can ground?

Here are some Life-changing Grounding Techniques.

There are a variety of ways but with anything, it's not a one-size-fits-all answer.

To uncover your best way to ground, ask yourself some key questions...

When do you feel most relaxed and at ease?

Where do you feel most calm and at peace?

When and where do you feel most at home?

This may look different for everyone so that's why it's important to journal about your own unique responses to this question.

When you become aware of the answer to these questions invite the images, and feelings of these places and states to wash through your body.

Embody these states and imagine being in these places.

For example, I feel most relaxed at the beach sitting in the sand. So I love to imagine sitting at the beach, hearing the crash of the waves, and feeling the hot sun touching my skin. That helps me cultivate calm and grounding feelings in the present moment.

Along with this powerful imaginative exercise, there are many powerful ways to ground yourself in the here and now.

Since the weather is a factor that can interfere with us going to such places that make us feel relaxed physically due to the cold temperatures, I invite you to use your imagination as a powerful tool in the interim.

Here are some of my other favourite grounding practices

-being in nature (physically or imaginatively)


-focusing on feeling my feet on the ground,

-imagine my being a tree and seeing roots coming from my feet.

grounded tree

I hope you learned a lot about this powerful technique today in this post. If you'd like to try a grounding meditation you are welcome to check out a meditation in my Facebook community. You are welcome to join us here.

See you next week at 12 noon EST for another blog post. Until then you are welcome to listen to the Fulfilled Female Entrepreneur Podcast for episodes about creating a fulfilling life and business featuring myself and many guests. Tune in here.

Love and Light,


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