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5 Tips to Succeed as a Female Entrepreneur

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In lieu of International Women’s Day, I am excited to share 5 tips to succeed as a female entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy, but there is a certain feeling of empowerment associated with being a female business owner. If you haven’t noticed, the online community of women in business is a beautiful, inspiring place to be. Not to say being a woman in business doesn’t come with its challenges.

That’s why I’m sharing my favorite tips that have helped me succeed as a female entrepreneur. I hope more women in business will implement these tips too!


Why should I become a female entrepreneur?

Before we get into my tips to succeed as a female entrepreneur, we should probably address this question. Because maybe, you’re considering creating your own business, blog, podcast, etc. But you’re not totally sold on the idea.

If you have the slightest inclination to become an entrepreneur, I would say: go for it. Being a female entrepreneur allows you to create a life you love. You get to create your ideal day. You get to work on projects that light you up and make you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

With any career, you are going to face challenges. But as an entrepreneur, the challenges you face are your own. You get to decide how your business functions. The best part you get to meet and collaborate with so many incredible women.

You know you want to be an entrepreneur, or maybe you already are one, but you wonder how to be successful. Let’s dive in.


How to Be Successful as a Female Entrepreneur

1. Collaborate with Other Female Business Owners

When we all come together, we rise together, and we achieve our dreams. Collaborating with other entrepreneurs will look different for every business. But it is essential to the growth of any type of business. Plus, you will meet incredible women and maybe even form lifelong friendships with like-minded female entrepreneurs.

Collaborating can look like interviewing other women on your podcast, being on their podcasts, guest blogging, shouting each other out on social media, participating in women entrepreneur Facebook groups. If you haven’t joined any yet, here are a few to get you started:

Collaborating will help you gain exposure, market your business, help others grow their business, and build lasting relationships with other driven females.

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely due to a lack of coworkers. If you start a business alone, you might not have anyone to share your successes and failures. Building relationships with others in our field through collaborations can help you feel less lonely and more empowered.

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2. Support Fellow Entrepreneurs

Supporting fellow female entrepreneurs does not have to be difficult. It also does not mean you have to buy every product or course. Supporting your fellow entrepreneur is as simple as sharing and engaging with their blog posts, podcast episodes, new offers, etc.

You're supporting me right now by reading this blog post! Thank you!

We continually support celebrities by sharing their pots on our social media. We should be doing this for other female entrepreneurs. It takes little to no time to engage with someone's post, and they might do the same for you in return. If you want others to support your business ventures, you should be just as if not more supportive of theirs.

Another great way to support your fellow entrepreneur is to team up and become accountability partners. This is a great way to work together and help each achieve goals!

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3. Avoid Comparison

Okay, this is a big one that so many people struggle with. In some cases, women can be overly competitive and even a little catty. They attempt to tear each other down because they think another woman’s success means their failure. In reality, her success doesn’t take anything away from you. There is room for everyone to be successful. Each and every one of us is unique. To appreciate our uniqueness, we need to stop comparing ourselves to others.

In most cases, we tend to compare ourselves to other female entrepreneurs we see on social media. This leads us to judge our journey against someone else who is either further along or struggling behind the scenes.

Remember, there is room for everyone, and we are all on our own unique journeys, so we should only spend time building each other up and cheering each other on.

There is something powerful that happens when women come together to support one another.

So, what makes you unique? Take the time to write down 10 things that make you unique.

her success doesn't mean your failure quote - how to be a successful female entrepreneur


4. Learn from Other Female Entrepreneurs

Take the time to learn from women who are already where you want to be. Invest in other women. I’ve had female spiritual coaches, business coaches, etc. Take their courses, hire them as coaches, listen to their podcasts, read their books. There is so much you can learn from the women around you. You are selling yourself short if you don’t take advantage of the incredible women surrounding you.

If you are interested in supporting me you can always share this blog post to your IG story, leave a comment, or check out my book, Now What?: Create the Clarity to Achieve Your Dreams!

By investing in other women, you are also supporting them and your own growth as an entrepreneur. This leads me to my last tip.


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5. Get Inspired by Women

Instead of feeling bad because you are not as far along as another woman in business—allow her to inspire you. Allow her lessons, words of wisdom, experiences, and actions to inspire you to go after things in your own life and business.

Get inspired by other women. Listen to their podcasts, read their books, follow them on social media. Let them empower you to step into your authentic self and become all that you can be. Take their success as proof that you can be successful too.

Inspiration can help you get out of a sticking point and inspire you to take action on your goals. If you feel stuck and unable to take action on your goals, you might like to check out my blog post: How To Clear What's Holding You Back From Taking Action


I hope you found something to take home from this blog post!

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Much love,

Cassandra Rosa


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