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Monday Morning Productivity Routine

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I have to admit having a productivity routine was not always something I had in my life. I desired to be the most productive version of myself. I struggled with the mental battle of being in the 5am club, time blocking, and keeping a perfect schedule.

This created a lot of self-sabotage. I could not figure out why I lacked energy in the morning. I recognized the importance of creating a routine that works for me.

I've finally found a routine that works best for me. I'm excited to share my productivity routine with you in hopes that you'll find something that works just as well. These tips are meant to help you create a routine that inspires you and increases your productivity and focus.

Monday Morning Productivty Routine:

1. Workout

If I take the time to energize and nourish my body without caffeine, I feel less tired. To do this, I like to work out in the morning. Working out first thing in the morning helps me feel so productive because I get to check out tasks off right away.

It boosts my mood, energy levels, and overall feeling of productivity.

2. Review my Previous Week

Take a look at prior weeks.

How was your productivity last week? Do you see room for improvement? Were there things that worked?

Reviewing your previous weeks helps you better understand what works best to increase your productivity and how you can make changes in the upcoming weeks.

Looking back at your dreams to achieve lists from previous weeks or months can help you identify places you are excelling and things that you need to improve on. It will help you pinpoint patterns in your life that are both helping or hindering you.

3. Make a Dreams to Achieve List

I sit down and write a list of things I need to do to have a productive week. Including; self-care, fun things, and business tasks. It helps me stay focused. I love being able to cross off tasks and look at the list slowly being completed. Here's a free resource to learn more about Dreams to Achieve lists.

4. Agenda

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Aside from my weekly dreams to achieve list, I also sit down each morning and write in my agenda. I love using Bando agendas. I will write down my non-negotiables like client calls and time for self-care. As the week progresses, I choose an intention for the day and fill in the blanks where I don’t have non-negotiables. I fill in the blanks with tasks from my dreams to achieve list. This helps me stay focused and avoid overbooking myself.

I like to use stickers to make my planner more fun.

5. Time Block

I time block certain days instead of each task. I like to block out specific days for client calls, self-care, courses, etc.

You don’t have to plan out your day minute by minute or even hour by hour. But having a general sense of what you need to do each day and tasks that are your top priority allows you to cut out wasted time wondering what you should work on.

Play around with different schedules and see what works best for you. If you are someone that likes the plan out there minute by minute, then do that!

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I hope you found something useful here.

What makes you feel the most productive?

Much love,

Cassandra Rosa

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