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How To Clear What's Holding You Back From Taking Action

Hey Dream Achievers!

This week's post is all about clearing and cleansing anything that might be holding you back or causing you to feel uneasy and stagnant.

Lately, it seems that many people are feeling this heavy, stagnant, uneasy energy in their lives. When experiencing Now What Moments we can experience these same feelings. So, I thought it would be helpful to share some actionable steps you can take to clear that energy for yourself.

Before we dive into the tips and tangible steps to clear what’s holding your back, I want to bring forth the concept that, when these uncomfortable things are being brought to the surface, when you’re feeling anxious and unsettled, it is a call to clear and cleanse. It’s a sign that you need to let go, that something needs to shift.

Even though you are in a state of unease, it's important to come into the situation with gratitude. I know it might feel uncomfortable, but it will help tremendously to be grateful for your ability to acknowledge these emotions and your ability to shift and clear them.

Whenever I find myself feeling stuck, anxious, or uneasy, I see it as an opportunity to be grateful to the universe for allowing me to bring it to the surface.

It’s like a can of pop when you open it the bubbles come to the top to be released and cleared.

Coming at it from a place of gratitude will allow you to handle the situation with grace and remove the weed at the root of the problem.

Otherwise it can become a cycle, it will continue to come around and the intensity will increase.

Personally, I would like to deal with it when it’s at its lowest instead of when it really bubbles up.

So let’s dive into your actionable steps to help you shift, cleanse and clear.

1. Take A Second To Refocus On Your Dream

When you shift your focus from negative feelings to the goal or dream, you are excited about and working toward, it changes your state.

Focusing on positive long term goals will pull you out of the rabbit hole of negative feelings and thoughts, allowing you to find clarity.

2. Become Truly Aware Of What the Feeling Is

Awareness is always the first step to change. Being aware of your own thought patterns and feelings will allow you to release what is no longer serving you.

One way to clear any negative thoughts or feelings is to grab a pen and paper and write down the things you wish to let go of. Make sure you’re writing them on a loose piece of paper, not in your journal.

3. Release, Clear And Cleanse

After you’ve finished writing down the things you want to release, the next step is to, either burn it or rip it up. It’s also important for you to watch and become very involved in the process. Watching the physical form of your feelings dissipate, can be very cleansing and healing.

A great example of this is when you’re cooking dinner and you throw the scraps away because they are no longer serving the greater purpose. Think of that same concept when you release your thoughts.

I know it might seem trivial, but honestly it can be incredibly helpful to have those thoughts in the physical form being ripped up and cleared.

4. Self Care Celebration

Lastly, celebrate that you are clearing the things that are getting in the way of you achieving your dreams. Have an intentional self-care celebration.

Many of us are in these situations over and over again because we aren’t completing the cleansing process. But here you are releasing what’s in the way so you can clear the path and start taking action steps toward your goals and dreams.

To Recap:

To clear stagnant or uneasy energy in your life starts with acknowledging it, recognizing it, and figuring out exactly what it is.

From there you can get intentional with what you want to release, by literally writing it down and physically watching it dissipate.

Watch the things that are no longer serving your greater goals and dreams disappear. This will help you let go, find clarity, and move on.

After you’ve finished the clearing process, participate in a self-care celebration. Intentionally celebrate yourself and the fact that you are taking control of your thoughts, feelings, and life by actively choosing what you allow to live inside your mind, body, and heart.

What are you going to release?

These steps are explained more elaborately in my book, Now What: Create the Clarity to Achieve Your Dreams that came out just a few weeks ago. If you are interested in grabbing yourself a copy to dive deeper into this topic here is the link to purchase the book. Canadian link:

American link:

Stay tuned next week for my latest blog post, Tuesday at 4PM.

Much love,

Cassandra Rosa

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