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4 Productivity Gamechangers

Hey Fulfilled Femme, Today’s topic is something I’m so passionate about – Productivity!!

The first freebie I ever created in my business was a productivity guide, and it’s something that I still swear by to this day! Grab your free guide here!

Productivity is a topic that has so many different approaches, and tools you can use to help get you where you want to be.

There are so many possibilities and paths to be more productive like......

- being part of the 5 am club

- scheduling in different types of software like Asana, Google Calendars etc.

- time blocking

-planning ahead

-using different agendas, planners, and whiteboards to get organized

- using productivity tools (check out another blog about it)

That's just to name a few.

Do these all work? Yes, AND it's important to find out what works for you. Using self-awareness to see what resonates and leaving the rest.

I’ve talked about concrete ways you can improve your productivity in the past, so today we’re going to head in an unconventional route.

woman being productive

4 Productivity Gamechangers 1. Identify Distractions We are constantly distracted in our environment, sometimes without even realizing it. especially with the hustle and bustle of creating impactful businesses.

A big part of these distractions is often from our technology.

>>Are you constantly getting email or social media notifications? >>Do certain websites ping you constantly throughout the day?

Look at the full picture of your life and workday, and identify where you lose time.

>>What distracts you, and pulls your focus from your work?

For example, your phone buzzing, social media, Netflix shows, family members, email notifications.

If you are aware they are distractions then you can focus on our second gamechanger......

2. Set Boundaries How does setting boundaries make you more productive?

In life, there are so many opportunities for you to lose your focus, and step off your path.

In order to step into the life you envision for yourself, you need to be able to recognize times you might need to say no.

This is especially true for the holiday season as there is an abundance of family functions, holiday shopping, and events that can distract you.

If you can set boundaries to allow for maximum focus, that provides an opportunity for complete focus and presence on things that matter most.

How to set technology boundaries?

  • Put your phone in the other room, on silent

  • Enable the Focus setting or Do Not Disturb on your phone

  • Only work with the tabs you actually need, close out the others

  • TIme-block your work sessions and breaks physically by putting a Do Not Disturb sign on your door

  • be intentional with your scheduling and focus on one thing at a time

I also like to take care of things that need my attention first before setting focus time and doing a PSA for people in my life that will be unavailable for a certain time to allow for maximum focus. 3. Create a “Productive Space” Make a specific space that is where you will always get your work done.

When you sit down in that space, whether it’s a room, or a corner with a desk.

The more you sit there and be productive in that space, the more your brain will automatically know that it’s time to get work done.

>>Keep it clean! - If you stay disorganized, you’re going to lose productive time to clear your desk every time you sit down.

>>Make it high vibe! 0 Decorate your productive space in a way that inspires you!

I keep my favorite crystals on my desk, next to my planners and to-do lists, to make sure everything I need is within arm’s reach. Before I even start my work, I make sure my tea, water or espresso are there, too.

>> Have a preproductivity ritual The more cues your brain can have for productivity time the better. Try lighting a candle, listening to a motivational song, or doing a mini meditation to bring on focus and energy for the task at hand.

4. Write down distracting thoughts We all have those thoughts that pop up when we’re working on completely unrelated things we have to do later.

Instead of letting those thoughts distract you, keep a notebook or post-its notes where you immediately write down that thought, so you don’t forget, and then get right back to work!

This may include all the endless things you need to do. Make a quick to-do list and number 3 tasks in order you want to complete them. Circle the first and start and check them off as you complete them. That way you can release the overwhelm and increase your focus.

woman being productive

So, if you want to really hack your productivity, these tips all boil down to asking these questions:

>>How can I remain focused during my productive time? >>What contributes to me losing focus during my productive time? >>Is it people, technology, or things in my space?

And then you’ll know what shifts to make accordingly!

See you next Tuesday at 12pm EST for another blog post. Until then you are welcome to check out some previous blogs here.

Love and Light,


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