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3 Ways to Find Your Purpose

Finding your Purpose,

Hey Fulfilled Femme,

In the past few weeks on my client calls, there’s been a recurring theme of my clients struggling to find their purpose.

What is a purpose in the eyes of personal development?

A purpose is having an intention with a deeper meaning. For lots of spiritual entrepreneurs, it's often connected to making an impactful difference in someone else's life.

This is such a huge topic in the personal development space. The conversation around it can make it seem like an outward search. Like grabbing a compass and going on a quest to find the deeper meaning of our lives and the current incarnation.

Through the lens of business and what the purpose is behind it, it often has a similar outward quest approach. When developing your "avatar" questions are asked such as:

  • Who are the people you want to help?

  • Where can you find them?

  • What can you do externally to unlock your purpose?

And these are great questions to ask when searching to identify your purpose, but I’ve found that when you ONLY look outwards, you’re missing the core of where your purpose comes from…

Your purpose is within YOU. It’s been there all along!


What's the strongest way to find your purpose?

Turning inward first! Your purpose is inside of you. It may have been all along.

It was only once I turned my attention to my internal world and asked myself…

  • What do I truly desire?

  • What do I value most?

  • How do I want to feel in my life?

  • What will fulfill me most?

  • What do I want my experience of life to be?

…that I was able to find my purpose.

If you want some more journal prompts to guide you in the process, check out a podcast I made about them specifically.

And here’s the secret - you probably already know what your purpose is, even if it’s not conscious yet.

Everyone has some sort of daydream of what they want their life to look like for them and their families.

There are often clues from our past. Like if you are wanting to be a coach or healer, reflect back on the hardships you have overcome. They can often be connected to the experiences you are able to help people transform through.

Also in the past, we have had interests that we have lost sight of. Like hobbies as kids or before becoming a parent. Passions that have no longer become a priority.

Like my clients, you know you’re meant to make a big impact on this world, but you may not be exactly clear on what that is.

So today, I want to share with you some keys to figuring out what your purpose is, and how to bring that knowledge to the surface so you can start living as your Fulfilled Femme self.

Want to find your purpose? Here are 3 things to keep in mind.


3 Ways to Find Your Purpose

1. Give yourself Permission

Everyone I have spoken to about finding purpose in their lives has always had at least the smallest, simplest idea of what they want to do.

It could be as simple as “I want to help people,” or, “I’m interested in __. I wish I could do it all the time, but…”

…and then they stop. And never go down that road again.

The “but’s” stop us from taking action on what we truly desire most.

So instead of letting some external judgment get in the way of your purpose, you need to give yourself permission to do what lights you up.

For me, I always loved helping people, giving advice, and teaching. I used to think my path to fulfilling that purpose was to become a psychologist until I learned about personal development.

I tried it on, gave myself permission to live in that world as an expert, and am following it to this day.

If you have any kind of daydream, even if it’s not the most specific, give yourself permission to stand in it, and allow it to light you up.

You’ll figure out the rest later, but for now, embody the joy and fulfillment of doing what you love.

Give yourself permission to incorporate things in your life that bring you joy and your purpose will become clear in the process.


2. Lean into Curiosity

Similarly to giving yourself permission, if you feel drawn to something, no matter what it is or your level (or lack) or knowledge on the topic, follow it.

This is your sign to listen to the tiny voice that keeps putting the idea in your mind.

I always felt drawn toward learning about the power of intuition, but for a long time, I never allowed myself to listen.

Once I did lean into curiosity, it was like all the cards fell into place.

Do you feel drawn to something you may not know a lot about? Lean into it, and take action! Curiosity may be a major clue.

Girl having fun, girl living her purpose


3. Allow your purpose to evolve

Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to have it all figured out, that we forget to leave room for letting our purpose grow as we ourselves grow.

As humans, we are constantly in cycles of rebirth - down to the cellular level in our skin, hair, and organs.

If self-evolution is such a natural part of our experiences, then why let your purpose stop evolving the moment you define it?

There was a moment when I thought my purpose was teaching kids how to create vision boards. That was my first business.

But then plans changed. My business partner and I got to a point where we felt complete on that journey, and we went down new and different paths.

If I made myself stick to that original, singular purpose, I would not be the person I am today, and I would not be here, sending this email to you!

There are different stages in life where we may have a purpose for a moment, or season. Give your all to it and allow yourself to have it refined through each chapter of your life. Release the pressure and become present in what is now.


So if you’re on the journey to step into your higher calling, make an impact, and find your purpose, remember:

  • Give yourself permission to do what lights you up

  • Lean into your curiosity and take the action that feels right, right now

  • Allow your purpose to evolve with you on your journey of personal growth.


I’d love to know what you feel your purpose is in this present moment! Comment below to let me know!

If you want support in clarifying your purpose send me a message on Instagram. I am here to help!

Join me back here on Tuesday for another Blog post! Until then, feel free to join me Facebook community for weekly live trainings and card readings.

Love and Light,


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