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23 Lessons from 2023

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Hey Fulfilled Femme,

I hope you had an amazing 2023. As this year wraps up, it's a wonderful time to do some inward reflection about what the biggest lessons were from your year.

I have spent a great deal of time journalling and reflecting on what parts of the year I am most grateful for, and what the wins and lessons were so I can best prepare for the year ahead.

I like to do this every year as it's a wonderful way to pay tribute and acknowledge what this year has gifted me.

Life flies by so fast, so taking the time to take it all in is so important.

I am excited to share my lessons with you today and give you some journal prompts to help you have a reflection on your year too.

women reflecting on her 2023 lessons

Here are 23 lessons from 2023.

  1. Acceptance is the catalyst for healing.

  2. Time for integration is important.

  3. There's a lesson in every hardship.

  4. There's power in taking a pause.

  5. Soul contracts dictate the duration of time someone is meant to be in your life.

  6. Journalling is a healthy way to express and process emotions.

  7. Debt is something to be grateful for as it supports you financially when you need it.

  8. You are always divinely supported.

  9. Nature is a reminder of true limitless abundance.

  10. Joy, fulfillment, and success are found internally. What happens externally is just a bonus.

  11. The best tool in business is your intuition.

  12. Dogs are reminders to find joy in the little things.

  13. Be fulfilled in the present.

  14. Safety is cultivated within.

  15. If someone wants to leave your life let them.

  16. The universe has so much to gift you if you are open to receiving it.

  17. I thrive with slow mornings.

  18. Be open to what your body needs.

  19. Start your day with sunshine.

  20. Boundaries with social media are important.

  21. Be inspired instead of intimidated by successful people.

  22. It's important to connect with your roots.

  23. The journey to success is meant to be enjoyed not rushed.

I hope you could learn something from the lessons I just shared. There is something so exciting and freeing for me to see them all written out.

As years fly by, we can often lose sight of all the year has gifted us with. That is why I invite you to do our own year-end review and see what you have been gifted with in 2023.

Here's how to do your own year-end review:

  1. Grab your favourite journal and pen

  2. Sit in a quiet area for a few moments. Give yourself the space and time to review your year to help you consciously celebrate all that's been gifted to you.

  3. Answer these prompts to help you get the ideas flowing.....

- What were your wins for the year?

- What did you learn about yourself, life, business, relationships, self-care, health, and wealth (areas of your life that mean most to you)?

- What obstacles did you overcome and what did you learn from them?

- What are you most grateful for this year?

Feel free to share one of your lessons in the comments below.

Happy journalling! Stay tuned for a new blog post coming out next Tuesday at noon EST. It's the last one of the year! Until then, check out other blog posts you may have missed here!

Love and Light,


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