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5 Journal Prompts to Conclude 2020

With the end of the year, a lot of us are looking ahead and planning for 2021. I think it’s just as important to reflect on the year we are leaving behind before moving into the next.

I’m excited to share how I like to conclude the year so that you can use these practices as well!

So how do we end 2020?

We are going to write a letter to 2020.

Yes, you read that right, write a letter to 2020.

This is a great way to reflect on everything you went through in 2020 and set the stage for 2021.

I have some prompts you can use to get you thinking about what you want to include in your letter.

5 Journal Prompts to Conclude 2020

1. Vent

The first part of writing your letter is to vent. Write down everything that you need to release and are ready to let go of.

What aspects of 2020 do you want to let go of and leave behind before heading into the new year?

This could be the climate of the world, financial challenges, relationship challenges, and uncertainties.

Be intentional about releasing each thing as you write it down. Once it’s on the paper, it's gone.

Once you’ve done that, move the rest of the letter into the positive things that happened in 2020.

You can do this by reflecting on what you were meant to learn.

2. Lessons

I love this one!

I believe that everything happens to us. It doesn’t happen against us.

Even if there was a particularly trying part of the year, it was for the greater good in some way.

Maybe you couldn’t go to work, but that created space for you to do the things you’ve been wanting to like, spending time with your family, reading, working on passion projects, etc.

Ask yourself, why am I grateful for these difficult times? What was I supposed to learn?

3. Celebrate

Think about your successes and all the incredible things that happened this year.

I challenge you to find 10 successes to write down for 2020.

Identify your successes, whether it was launching a program, showing up more on social media, working on your self-care, drinking more water, starting your fitness journey, etc.

No matter how small, take note of your success and give yourself a pat on the back.

Ask yourself, how am I going to celebrate 2020?

This year we might not be able to have big elaborate gatherings but find a way to celebrate yourself and all that you’ve accomplished this year.

This could be like running a bubble bath and popping some champagne or baking something special. It could be anything, just make sure you are celebrating in some way.

4. Amplify

Ask yourself what went well this year. What are the things you want to take with you into 2021?

This might look like this: I am going to continue with my self-care routine, my fitness journey, listening to motivational podcasts, etc.

5. Intentions

Lastly, say thank you to 2020 and set intentions for 2021!

To summarize the journal prompts:

  • Vent about anything and everything you want to release in 2020

  • What do you want to release before moving into 2021?

  • What lessons did 2020 teach you?

  • What lessons did your hardships teach you?

  • What successes did you experience in 2020?

  • How are you going to celebrate your success for 2020?

  • What did you do well this year that you want to take into 2021?

  • What do you want to amplify in 2021?

  • What are your intentions for 2021?

Happy letter writing!

If you use these journal prompts, be sure to take a photo, you can blur out anything you aren’t comfortable sharing. Post it in the Facebook group or on your Instagram story and tag me!

Happy New Year!

Much love,

Cassandra Rosa

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