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How to Plan for an Uncertain 2021

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

After 2020, planning for 2021 can bring up a lot of fear surrounding uncertainty and how unpredictable things might be this year. Making it even more difficult to set and achieve goals. Depending on what they are.

With so much uncertainty, many people are worried about achieving their New Year resolutions this year. Maybe you’re concerned about how your launch is going to go if you’re really going to be able to take that trip, have your wedding, or even crush your fitness goals with the gyms being closed.

I’m bringing you some tips to help you plan for 2021 despite the uncertainty. These tips helped me a lot last year, and hopefully, they will do the same for you!

1. Plan Sequentially Instead of Having Specific Dates

With so much shifting in our lives, it’s tough to be certain about setting plans for specific dates. So, I like to take my plans and schedule them for a few months to leave a lot of space for adjustments. I write my goals in the order I’d like to achieve them rather than securing specific dates.

Leaving space for things to shift will relieve some of the pressure and still allow you to create goals and intentions for the new year. We shouldn’t toss out the idea of setting new goals for the year. We just need to adjust our way of working toward them.

2. Make the Small Things Timely

Take the small action steps toward big goals.

This is the part of the goal-setting process where you can get specific. For example, the date of your trip can be left sequential. Smaller steps, like planning your itinerary or creating a budget, can be steps that you plan to get done by a specific date.

These things are easier to get down on paper and work on the details while keeping the vision flexible.

This has helped relieve a lot of pressure for me and allowed me to work toward my goals without stressing too much about the specific deadline I set for the big picture goal.

So, be intentional and detailed with your action steps building up to the big goal, but leave the date you want to achieve the big goal within a larger time frame.

3. Trust and Hold Your Vision

Despite the uncertainty, hold your vision. Keep a clear picture of what you want to achieve in your mind.

Being connected to your desire, your why will help you keep pushing through even when things become challenging.

For example, if you want to make a career change, but you are worried about finding a job due to COVID. Keep your vision in mind while you do what you can.

While taking what action steps you can, it’s also important to release the feelings of wanting things to work out exactly as you planned. Holding on tightly to schedules and deadlines that are bound to shift will only cause you more stress.

Allow yourself to work through your emotions when things shift, but hold the vision.

In uncertain times, it’s so helpful to trust the process.

Holding too tightly to your plans might actually cause you to get in your own way.

Allow things to unfold naturally. You might be surprised what happens when you least expect it.

To recap:

  1. Set flexible deadlines for your big picture goals

  2. Get specific with your action steps toward the bigger goal

  3. Hold the vision and trust that everything will unfold the way it’s meant to

I hope these tips help you plan for 2021, prepare for uncertainty, and relieve any stress or fear surrounding your goals for 2021.

What are your plans for 2021?

Let us know in the comments!

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I hope to see you there!

Much love,

Cassandra Rosa

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