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Free 5 Day Dream Achievement Masterclass

Are you ready to Achieve your Dreams in 2021?

Have you been struggling to stay on track with your goals this month? Or maybe you just need a little nudge to help you get going.

I have such an exciting announcement and a gift for you!

From January 25th-29th, I am holding an incredible, completely free 5-day Dream Achievement Masterclass!

This masterclass is for anyone who didn’t achieve their goals last year and anyone looking for extra motivation, clarity, and purpose when creating their vision and goals.

After participating in the 5-day masterclass, you will:

  • Clear what’s holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams

  • You’ll have a clear, purposeful vision

  • You’ll have an organized action plan that you can get started on right away

Attending the event every day Live will help you get the most out of this workshop.

If you attend Live at 8PM EST every day, you’ll have access to simple tools, guided meditations, and daily giveaways!

Making the commitment to attend Live will ensure you get the most out of this and don’t miss any giveaways!

Head over to my Facebook group for more information and to sign up!

Stay tuned every Tuesday at 4PM EST for a new blog post!

Much love,

Cassandra Rosa

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Cassandra Rosa Intuitive Life Coach Spea


Cassandra is an intuitive life coach that helps Millennials find the clarity they need to create their dream life and business. 


Download this guide to :

  • Create a plan without all the overwhelm

  • Take focused action to finally get stuff done

  • Gain confidence in your ability to accomplish everything on your list

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Here are a few different ways you can work with Cassandra to find the clarity you are seeking most:

  • Intuitive Life Coaching Programs

  • Accountability Group

  • Healing Offerings

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