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3 Ways To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Today's blog post is all about stepping outside your comfort zone. I know that the state of things this year has forced many people to do just that and adapt to a new normal.

So, I want to bring forth the concept of intentionally stepping outside your comfort zone and how to do it.

Before we dive into HOW to step outside your comfort zone, we are going to talk about why you should.

Why it's important to step outside your comfort zone:

Expansion happens when you step outside of your comfort zone.

You can tell if you’re in a comfort zone if you’re, well, comfortable. Beyond that, you'll experience a lot of fear surrounding doing something that requires that you leave your comfort zone.

Things like fear of the unknown, fear of failure, and fear of uncertainty will bubble up.

The beautiful thing is, once you choose to act despite the fear, that's when true expansion happens.

One of those experiences in my life, that I talked about in my book Now What, happened when I was in university. I ended up going on a study exchange in Europe by myself.

I moved to Europe on my own. It was something that was way outside of my comfort zone. I knew that I wanted to travel, and I knew deep in my heart that it would be a great experience for me, and I acted despite the fear.

At the end of the experience, I was so grateful that I acted despite the fear. If I had stayed inside my comfort zone, I would have never moved to Europe. I would have been stuck in my old life daydreaming about traveling the world.

It’s important to step outside your comfort zone because it allows you to change your life and grow and develop as a person.

Why It’s Scary To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone:

The reason you experience fear-based thinking and self-doubt when you consider stepping outside your zone of comfort stems from the ego.

The ego is the part of you that wants to protect you. It wants to keep you safe. It doesn’t want you to experience things like failure, loneliness, or extreme change. Maybe the ego is well-intentioned, but it also keeps you small.

It’s important to remember where your limiting beliefs and fears are coming from, so you can think of it as a compliment. You know deep in your heart that the opportunity could be life-changing, recognize that your ego is trying to keep you safe, but you can act anyway. You don’t always need to be safe.

Your ego wants to keep you where you are because you are fine there.

But who wants to be just fine?

When you look at successful people, people who have started a business or done great things, they have stepped outside of their comfort zone. They acted despite the fear.

So when you experience fears pushing back, think of it as a compliment. Think of it as something to overcome so you can step outside your comfort zone and begin expanding your life.

I’m going to give you some steps you can take to help you act despite fear and start taking steps toward expansion.

How To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

1. Focus on the Goal You Want to Achieve

If you want to create a business, leave your 9-5, get more clients, move to a new place, try something new, whatever it is, focus on the goal. Connect with it, and acknowledge that you are not where you want to be yet and that the goal is outside your current zone of comfort.

2. Is there a Step I Can Take?

The next step is to answer this question: is there a step outside your comfort zone that you know you need to to take?

Look for a step, no matter how small, that you can take that will help you get one foot outside your comfort zone.

Once you take the step, that will create momentum to take you to where you want to be!

For example, going back to my study exchange experience the first step outside of my comfort zone was to sign the paperwork. It wasn’t packing my bags and leaving, but it was a baby step toward that.

If your goal is to start a business and become a full-time entrepreneur your first step could be coming up with a strategy to get more clients. It could be finding a business coach to help you step outside of your comfort zone.

The first step doesn’t have to be the whole thing.

3. Take The Step!

So, connect with your goal, then identify a step that you need to take that is outside your comfort zone, then take a step, any step.

The first step is what will start generating momentum.

Before you know it you’re going to be where you want to be, you’re going to be so grateful that you decided to step outside of your comfort zone and that you acted despite fear.

What’s a goal you have that requires you to leave your comfort zone?

What’s the first step you can take? Let me know in the comments!

Much love,

Cassandra Rosa

P.S. Have you joined my Facebook group? If not come join an amazing community of people going after their goals and creating their dream life and business. I'd love to have you.

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