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10 Simple Mood Boosting Tips for When You’re Feeling Down

Feeling down or experiencing negative emotions is not a bad thing. Obviously, they are not enjoyable, but there are times in all of our lives where we experience them.

Honoring those emotions is the first step to feeling better. Take the time to honor your feelings rather than trying to suppress them. There comes a time when you need to shift out of that feeling and into a better mood.

If you begin to feel stuck in your emotions, that is a good sign it is time to shift into a feel-good state.

How to improve your mood when you are feeling down:

1. Workout

Exercise increases endorphins which are the feel-good chemicals in your brain that relieve stress. Working out and moving your body in some way is highly beneficial for improving your mood and energy. Even if you don’t feel like it, try moving your body, even if you just go for a long walk or practice some light yoga.

Afterward, you will feel so much better.

2. Get Some Fresh Air

It can be hard to express the power of nature. There is something about stepping outside and feeling the air on your face, even if it is freezing outside. Being in nature will help you ground yourself and cleanse your emotions. Whenever I am out in nature, I feel so content and connected back to the center.

3. Meditate

Speaking of connecting back to the center. Meditation is a powerful way to quiet the mind and connect internally. You can follow a guided meditation, silent meditation, or even perform some breath work and other chakra/energy clearing practices.

These practices will help you clear on an energetic level, releasing any negative or blocked energy.

4. Gratitude

Daily gratitude has been such a powerful practice in my life. It is so simple, but don’t underestimate its importance.

Even in the toughest situations, you can always find something to be grateful for, no matter how small.

Take out a piece of paper and write down 10 things you are grateful for.

This will shift your perspective from a lack mindset to the abundance and gratitude you can feel in your life.

5. Laugh

Laughter truly is the best medicine. Allow yourself to watch a funny video, movie, or play a fun game. Laughing and seeing others laugh will help you shift into a better mindset and bring you into the present moment.

6. Call a Friend

Confide in someone you love. Emotions are energy in motion, so expressing them to someone you love can help you release and heal. It can be via phone, zoom, or in person. Chat with someone you can trust and feel comfortable sharing your emotions with.

7. Light a Candle

I am obsessed with candles. There’s something so peaceful about lighting some candles. You can choose scents that remind you of different times, nostalgic scents. Or just general scents that make you feel happy and content.

8. Skin Care/Self Care

This is another simple step you can implement in only a few minutes or more if you prefer. Taking care of your skin can be calming and methodic. Plus, you’ll look great afterward.

If skincare isn’t your thing, you can start some other self-care rituals to bring in that sense of relaxation. Maybe, it’s taking a bath, painting your nails, getting a massage, stretching, etc.

Anything that nourishes your body in a way that you enjoy.

9. Get Dressed Up

Okay, I know we are all stuck at home, but hear me out.

Get out of the sweatpants, put some makeup on. Even if you’re staying home. Getting dressed up can completely shift your mood into a more confident and beautiful fierce type of energy. If you can’t manage to get out of the sweatpants, at least get into a set that makes you feel good and do your hair and makeup.

10. Hug Someone

Whether it’s your pet, your significant other, friend, family member, anyone around you. Give them a hug. There is literal science behind the power of hugging someone we love.


I hope these tips help you shift and start feeling better soon.

Let me know if any of these tips worked for you!

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Until next time—much love,

Cassandra Rosa

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