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The Power Of Being Present

Hey Dream Achievers!

In today’s blog post I am going to talk about the power of being present and some simple steps you can take today to be more present and achieve your dreams.

Why is being present an integral part of achieving your dreams?

Being present is so important when you’re achieving your dreams because it allows you to focus on what truly matters and cut away any outside distractions or limiting thoughts that are holding you back.

I’ve talked about destination syndrome time and time again. I was so obsessed with the future and trying to make everything perfect that I was missing out on the beauty of the present moment and the opportunities I had right in front of me.

When you embrace the present and take a moment to focus in on what’s happening right now, you are opening yourself up to the beauty of the here and now.

You are opening yourself up to be grateful for everything you have.

Embracing the present moment allows you to focus. When we are constantly focused on the future we tend to worry a lot.

If we are focused on trying to rewrite the past, it pulls us away from the point in our lives that we actually have control over and we lose focus on what truly matters.

If you’re constantly focused on the future or past it’s very easy to slip into a depressed or anxious state because you're constantly worrying about things you don’t have any control over. Eventually, you’ll begin to feel powerless.

The real power is becoming more present and working on the things you can create.

Becoming present can help with overwhelm and stress.

If your mind is constantly in a million different places, worrying about things you have no control over, eventually you will feel exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt out.

Focusing on your current situation allows you to hone in on the things you can change and cuts away any negative or worrisome thoughts you were struggling with.

Staying present allows us to shift our focus to what matters most.

We can take action in the present, we can’t take action on the past or the future. However, we can influence our future by taking action in the present.

Simple Steps To Become Present

  1. Focus On Your Breath & Meditate

Doing breath work or meditating is a fantastic way to slow down your heart rate and connect with your senses. It brings your mind back to the present moment. Focus on your breath and how your body feels.

If you find that your mind is stuck rehearsing past events or worrying about what the future will bring, meditating is a great way to bring your mind back to center and clear any negative, disruptive thoughts.

  1. Spend Time In Nature

Being in nature is such a powerful way to connect with the present moment. Just the act of being outside can calm your mind and raise your vibration.

Take a walk or spend some time looking at flowers and admiring the small details. This will focus your mind on the moment at hand. You will become more aware of what really matters.

  1. Move Your Body

Another great way to become more present is to connect to your body by getting your blood pumping. You can go for a walk, stretch, or do yoga. Moving your body connects our minds to our inner world, reminding us where we are.

Light exercise also releases endorphins, helping with your mood.

You can release negative thoughts and start feeling happier in the present moment.

It might be difficult to train your mind to stop living in the past or worrying about what’s to come, but as you intentionally become more present and take these steps to help break those mindset patterns it will become easier for you to stay present.

Be easy on yourself, but make an effort to be mindful of your thoughts and where you focus your attention.

What do you do to stay present?

Keep an eye out for my next blog post, Tuesday at 4PM and join my Facebook Group for live videos every week

Much love,

Cassandra Rosa

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