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10 Lessons I Learned in my 20s

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Navigating your twenties is not what I thought it would be. Things did not go to plan. It has been confusing and a little scary.

My birthday was yesterday, and as I dive into the last couple of years of my twenties, literally, I went sky diving yesterday. I’m doing some deep reflection. Reflecting on the past years has inspired me to share some lessons that I learned throughout my twenties and would have loved to learn sooner.

When I was younger, like many of us, I had a big vision of what my late twenties would be like. I expected to be married, have a couple kids, a 9-5 job, and own a house.

It was eye-opening to realize it didn’t turn out the way they thought it would.

At one point, I even considered that I failed myself. I was so disappointed that what I expected to happen didn't happen yet.

I have learned so many abundant lessons in the past few years that I thought would be helpful to share with you.

10 Powerful Lessons my Twenties Taught Me:

1. Embrace the Journey

Acknowledge that life is about the journey and not about the destination. I used to have destination syndrome.

I was so focused on the destination and achievement of my goals, I struggled to enjoy the process. When I didn't achieve something, I would feel frustrated and upset with myself. On top of that, I wasn’t present in my everyday life.

If I could give my younger self a piece of advice, I would tell her to enjoy every moment. Be grateful for everything that life has to offer on the way to achieving your goals. You can still work towards the life you want while enjoying the present moment. Take the blinders off and look around. Breathe in what you have right now.

2. Power of Personal Development

I never imagined that personal growth would have such an impact on my life and career. I had once thought I would be a teacher or maybe a psychologist but not a life coach.

I would encourage my younger self to seek out any personal growth opportunity and say yes to every chance to explore personal development. Whether it’s developing your joy, mindset, growth, anything. Dive into personal growth with an open mind.

3. Travel

Travel helps you find yourself. I am so grateful that I volunteered in Africa. It was that very trip that made me interested in mentorship. I fell in love with learning about different cultures and see new things. You learn so much about yourself and the world when you travel. I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity to explore, even if it means going on a two-day road trip or checking out the next town over.

Anything to expose yourself to life outside your bubble.

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Photo by STIL on Unsplash

4. Trust Your Intuition

From a young age, I had a strong intuition—but I doubted myself even if I had bread crumbs from the universe. In the past few years, I really opened up my intuitive gifts. I have learned that each of us has a deep-rooted inner voice, and it's so important to listen to and trust it.

Always follow that voice. Always follow that inner voice. It is honestly the reason I am where I am today in Mexico as I write this blog post. I follow that voice even when I am scared, and the risk seems too big.

5. It’s Okay if Things Don’t Turn Out in the Timeline you Expected

We set expectations for ourselves, others, and life circumstances. Sometimes those expectations fall short. The timeline you expected may shift. Once I let go and developed trust in myself and the universe, God, my life changed. Developing the mindset that nothing happens to me in life—it happens for me was life-changing.

At the very least, avoid beating yourself up over expectations that weren't met.

Sometimes there is a bigger divine plan in motion.

6. Some People are Meant to Be in Your Life for a Season and Others for a Lifetime

This has been by far one of my biggest lessons. Letting go can be one of the hardest things to do. I have learned that having people come into your life can be the greatest gift.

They can teach us lessons, create beautiful memories and be by our side for the good and bad times. Their time commitment can vary.

Some may be there for the long haul, and others for just a chapter. It's beneficial to be filled with appreciation no matter the duration.

7. Manifestation is Easier than You Think

I used to think achieving goals had to be tough. Once you stay in joy and find clarity, things can manifest faster than you expected. That's been a great lesson in the past year.

Understanding this lesson has allowed me to manifest so much into my life with ease and flow. I no longer have the pressure to grind and make things harder than necessary to manifest my desires.

8. Self Care is Productive

I had the mindset that productivity is about hustling and always doing something. I saw productivity about work and getting tasks completed. In reality, self-care is sometimes the most productive thing you can do for yourself, your career, and your relationships.

Take a step back, do nothing. Yes, you heard me nothing. Read a book, watch a movie, do a facemask. It's productive to allow yourself to have some r and r.

reading books, lessons in your twenties, lessons my twenties taught me
Photo by Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash

9. The Universe Has Your Back

Whatever you believe in, you are fully supported at all times. I realized that there is something better to learn in most situations that we don’t have all the details. Letting go and focusing on trusting the universe and the lesson has helped me navigate difficult situations.

10. Fear Can be a Compliment

Even though I follow my intuition, fear still comes up. Even when I take the leap of faith and follow my intuition, I am still scared. But I think of fear as a sign that I am on the right path. Listen to your gut. You know in your heart, fear indicates you are expanding. It is a compliment.

Which lesson are you going to implement today?

What lessons have you learned in your 20s? Share them in the comments!

Much love,

Cassandra Rosa

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