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My Book Writing Experience

The Idea

Writing a book has been on my vision board longer than I can even recall.

The actual book writing process started about two years ago when I found myself bursting at the seams with creative ideas.

Do I start a podcast, create a course, write a book? NOW WHAT?? I knew I wanted to create something, but I hadn’t committed to one idea.

Then I found myself in a creative, meditative type of course with my mentor.

I was participating in a group meditation where we were open to receiving guidance from our higher self, God, source, whatever our personal beliefs were.

As I was meditating, the words, “start your book writing journey” were streamed down to me clear as day.

Instead of excitement, my initial thoughts went something like, WHAT a book? How am I supposed to write a book, I’ve only ever written a 20-page college essay. Even if I COULD write a book, who would even read it?

The Leap

The best thing I did at the moment when my higher self told me to start my book writing journey was to take the leap and share it with my group.

My group and mentor were extremely supportive and excited for me, which gave me the courage to pursue my dream.

Everything started to fall into place. I was able to get in touch with a friend who had recently connected with a publisher. Funny enough, I had heard the publisher speak multiple times.

I didn’t even stop to think about it. I called the publishing office. They ended up having a seminar to help people get their books finished, taking place a few days later.

The Divine Timing

So before you know it, my butt was in the seat at the seminar, and the process was beginning.

Everything felt effortless, things started to fall into place, and I felt like everything was in alignment.

Before I even knew it, my fingers were flying across the keyboard, and a good chunk of the book was written, about 50%.

The Journey

Suddenly, I was stuck. I considered the option of writer's block, but I wasn’t sure what was going on.

I decided to meditate on it.

I received a message from the universe, telling me to take a break, there were more lessons and things that needed to happen before the book would be finished.

I could have pushed through and forced the book along, but instead, I just took a pause. I decided to trust myself, the universe, and the divine timing of everything.

A few seasons later, the book started to get picked up again.

More things started coming together, the momentum started.

There was another pause when the book was about 75% finished.

Then at this point, I felt that I had learned so many lessons, my business had taken off, I’d left the corporate world, and I added that to the book.

But yet again, there was another unexpected pause. I was about to send my book for the final review, but it disappeared! All of my updated edits were gone! NOW WHAT?

For a second, I just started laughing. When I’m in situations where I am not sure how to act, I just start laughing.

Luckily, I still had the first edited copy.

That happened right at the beginning of COVID. But yet again, more lessons and more alignment started to happen, more things that were meant to be in the book.

It all worked into the timing of August 22nd.

I meditated on the release date, and I truly think it was meant to come out at this time when so many people are experiencing Now What Moments.

Lessons Learned

My book writing journey was a long process, and I learned so much along the way.

I learned to share my creative ideas with a supportive community and to speak my ideas into reality.

I learned to trust the divine timing of everything and to pay attention to synchronicities because the universe is probably trying to tell you something.

When something is in alignment, it won’t feel forced, and you’ll gain momentum quickly.

What’s something you’re hoping to bring to fruition? Speak it into existence in the comments!

If you want a copy of my book Now What you can find it on amazon!

Stay tuned for my next blog post every Tuesday at 4PM EST!

Much love,

Cassandra Rosa

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