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3 Signs Your Goals are About to Manifest

Have you been trying to manifest like crazy this year, but you are worried that your manifestations are taking too long. If you want to know when your dreams are about to manifest and come to fruition, I got you!

I got inspired to write a blog post on this topic because of a fun serendipitous story that happened to me recently.

I am someone who loves to pull cards every full moon. Recently I kept getting cards saying that my goals are about to manifest, that I am close to something. I will share a little more on this story later, but it got me thinking, what are the signs that we can all look for that signal our manifestations are about to come through?

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3 Signs Your Goals are About to Manifest

1. You Experience Moments of Serendipity

Noticing a lot of synchronicities is a good sign your manifestation is well on its way.

For example, my boyfriend and I have been wanting to live in Mexico. This is something I have been manifesting for over a year now.

The other day, we decided to go for coffee. As we walked to the shop, we were talking about our manifestation. We asked for a sign that our goal would FINALLY manifest.

Once we were in the shop, we were chatting with the owner and baristas serving us coffee. His name happened to be Faye, which means to fly. We did not think much of it until the barista introduced herself as Mar, which means sea. Fly to the sea! What a beautiful synchronicity and sign to get!

So it’s those little moments like that. If you are trying to manifest money, you might find a coin on your path. Nothing is too small.

2. Fear Comes Up Surrounding What You Are Manifesting

Not every sign is as obvious. If you experience a surge of fear surrounding your manifestation, try not to follow that feeling. Take it as a sign.

Fear typically comes through when your soul is so confident that you can achieve your manifestation that your ego comes in to keep you in the comfort zone.

The ego is scared of change and wants to protect you. But by protecting you, the ego also keeps you small and unaligned. Listening to those fears and giving in to them is why manifestations do not come through, why goals are left unachieved.

If you are experiencing these feelings, take them as a sign that you are close.

Don't let fear win—see it as a sign that is about to manifest. Allow gratitude to flow through as you recognize fear as a sign that you are on the right path.

3. You Receive Intuitive Messages

If you are anything like me, I love using my intuition as my guide. I love to use tools like oracle card readings and meditation when my manifestations are in the incubation period.

Some goals take longer than others to come into reality. That is totally normal. Instead of being stuck in impatience and in fear, I go inward and use my intuitive tools. I am open to the signs.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I pulled cards just a few days ago. I asked what guidance I could receive about my Mexico adventure.

The cards I pulled were "step out of your comfort zone," "your hard work is paying off," and "expect powerful change." These were a confirmation and clear sign I am about to step into something big.

Receiving intuitive messages is absoltely a sign that your manifesation is about to come through for you.

What signs have you recievied?

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Much love,

Cassandra Rosa

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