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Clarity: The Key to Achieving Your Dreams

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Hey Clarity Creators!

You may be wondering why I decided to call my blog The Clarity Corner and why I believe clarity is the key to achieving your dreams. Clarity was the bridge from me experiencing my now what moment to now living the life of my dreams.

When I was in university finishing up my degree, I was filled with uncertainty, I felt so lost, very depressed and it was one of the darkest times in my life. I was so unsure of what to do next with my life. I was focusing on all the question marks flying through my mind. I was missing a key to transforming my life …. Clarity!!!

When I shifted my mindset from focusing on uncertainty and question marks to choosing to find clarity and joy, my life transformed.

I connect to my vision and purpose.

I decided to dream big. I took the time to make a bucket list and vision board of what I wanted to create for my life. Some of my bucket list items were starting a company, traveling to a new place every year, volunteering at We Day, go to a Sam Smith concert and doing the CN Tower Edge Walk. Since I was so clear of what I wanted... I have achieved all of them!

I began to journal about what my dream life would look like. It looked something like this.. waking up to the love of my life, looking out a window to see the mountains, becoming a fulltime life coach, traveling the world, impacting people’s lives.

This past December when I was in Mendoza Argentina with my boyfriend, I broke down in tears because I have attracted the purposeful life I journaled about.

I cleared what was holding me back.

I began reading tons of personal development books. In the book Soul Shift by Barbara DeAngelis, I learned about the power of awareness. I became clear of what things that were holding me back to create the life I began to envision. The Universe divinely placed Reiki energy healing and intuition work. That opened the floodgates to my healing journey.

I started to learn tools like meditation, reiki, and mindset techniques to help me make the shift. Then before I knew it, I attracted mentors into my life that taught me techniques to heal myself and others.

Now I have my toolbox filled with techniques I use to heal that I am so excited to share with you all in my blog.

I created a clear path to my dream life and business.

With my vision in mind and toolbox of energy and mindset tools to keep my inner world crystal clear, I began to seek out how to create a life coaching business and learn how to create a system of impact. I read plenty of free guides from coaches, attended seminars all over North America, and hired a business coach. Along that journey, I learned about branding, marketing, sales, and how to run an impactful and profitable business.

Because I invested my time, and energy to discover and to define a clear path to making my dreams a reality, I was able to become a fulltime coach in 6 months of launching my first programs.

My biggest message for you is when you find clarity in your life, you can live the life of your wildest dreams.

I never imagined that having clarity of my vision, clearing what was holding me back and creating a clear path to my dream life and business would allow me to transform my life from depressed, uncertain to lost to having a thriving online business and traveling the world (pre-COVID) doing so. You are more than capable of making a drastic shift in your life too with the help of clarity.

In my Facebook Community, I have weekly videos talking about how to find the clarity to achieve your dreams. I host 5-day challenges, contests, have an interview series called Clarity Conversations, and connect with my audience weekly. You are welcome to join us!

I hope to see you in the Facebook group! Stay tuned to next week’s post Tuesday at 4pm EST!

Much Love,

Cassandra Rosa

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