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3 Tips To Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Did you set goals for yourself this year? Are you someone who gets super excited to set goals for the New Year but find yourself struggling to actually make them into a reality once the year begins?

This happens to a lot of us. That’s why I am so excited to share 3 tips to help you achieve your New Year resolutions!

It’s refreshing and easy to set new goals for yourself, but actually sticking to them is the tricky part.

That’s why it’s important to have the necessary tools to help you create an organized action plan to achieve your goals.

3 Tips To Help You Actually Make Your Goals a Reality

1. Creative Outlet to Express Emotions

Having a creative outlet is a great way to help you work through and express emotions. 2020 was an extremely emotional year for many of us. Which, for me, highlighted the importance of having a way of expressing my feelings.

This could be journaling, painting, dancing, listening to music, or even chatting with a close friend.

Having tools to help you deal with stress will help you create emotional space to work toward your goals.

If you don’t deal with, express, and work through your emotions, they will build up and ultimately cause you to lose focus on your goals and intentions for the year. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

If you’re struggling emotionally, you won’t have much energy left for accomplishing new things.

2. Keep a Dreams to Achieve List

To help you stay focused on your goals keeping a weekly or monthly to-do list is very helpful.

If you have a big goal you want to achieve by the end of the year, you can’t just set it and forget about it until November. Keeping a weekly and monthly to-do list helps you break down your large goal into smaller actionable steps to keep you on track.

Identifying weekly and monthly aligned action steps you can take will help you stay laser-focused and slowly bring your vision into reality.

If you need help staying on track and being productive, you can download my free Productivity Guide.

3. Take a Daily Action Step

Next, break your weekly and monthly goals into even smaller pieces.

An example of this might look like this:

Yearly Goal: Start a Podcast

Monthly Goal: Record 4 episodes

Weekly Goal: Pick a niche and get a microphone

Daily Goal: Research how to start a podcast

This way, you have a step by step process that makes things easier. It doesn’t matter how small the steps are. In fact, taking small steps every day can add up to leaps and bounds in a few weeks or months.

Breaking your goals into small steps allows you to create an organized action plan.

You will be more likely to stick to this plan because taking small planned steps toward your goal is more manageable than trying to achieve the big picture goal all at once.

I hope these tips help you stay on track and make your goals into your reality this year!

Before I sign off, I have an exciting announcement!

It’s my special gift to you!

From January 25th to 29th, I am doing a FREE 5 Day Workshop!

It’s my Dream Achievement Masterclass!

This masterclass is for anyone who didn’t achieve their goals last year or those looking for extra motivation, clarity, and purpose when creating their vision and goals.

After participating in the 5-day masterclass, you will:

  • Clear what’s holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams

  • You’ll have a clear, purposeful vision

  • You’ll have an organized action plan that you can get started on right away

Attending the event every day Live will help you get the most out of this workshop.

If you attend Live at 8PM EST every day, you’ll have access to simple tools, guided meditations, and daily giveaways!

Making the commitment to attend Live will ensure you get the most out of this and don’t miss any giveaways!

Head over to my Facebook group for more information!

Much love,

Cassandra Rosa

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