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5 Ways To Stay Productive This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching, with American Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas season beginning right after that.

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, and some may say it is even the most stressful time of year.

This year will be interesting.

Depending on where you are celebrating might be a lot different or scaled back than previous years.

No matter how you decide to celebrate this year, I thought it would be helpful to share some tips to help you stay productive during the holidays.

Here are 5 ways you can stay productive during the holidays:

1. Prioritize Self Care

When I fill up my cup, I can show up in my life as the best version of myself. I get more done, I am pleasant to be around, and I am more equipped to handle whatever comes my way.

During the holiday season, it is common for self-care and making yourself a priority to just fall off.

Taking time for self-care does not need to take up a ton of time. It can literally be just choosing one self-care item and committing to practicing it daily. Like taking time to meditate, journal, run a hot bath. Whatever feels good for you.

2. Create a List of Non-negotiables and Complete Them First

When making your to-do list for the day, write down a few non-negotiables that absolutely have to get done and do them first thing.

Knocking them off your list first will help you avoid procrastination and give you a clear headspace to enjoy the holiday activities later in the day.

You also avoid rushing to get your tasks done before picking up the kids from school or making cookies for your kids' class.

Getting everything done at the earliest point in the day will allow you to be fully present at holiday events with your friends and family.

3. Time Block

Time Blocking is a great way to get things done. Essentially you block off a certain amount of time during your day to focus on a specific task without interruption.

This could work really well if you know your kids take a nap at a specific time, or your spouse is doing the grocery shopping to give you some time to get work done.

Maybe you block off a few hours first thing in the morning to work in your office before the day is in full swing.

4. Be Aware Of Overcommitting

This is a big one. There's so much going on during the holiday season that it can be easy to say yes to every holiday gathering, outing with friends, gift exchange, and volunteer event.

Try to be intentional about the events that you commit to and only say yes to things that you want to and are in alignment with you.

This will help keep your stress level down, give you time for your work, and will allow you to fully enjoy the events that you do attend.

5. Take a personal day from work.

It is so important to be aware of where you are spending your time, energy, and money. You should not sacrifice your mental health just to avoid saying no to things.

If you have a sick day at work, you have been saving up and get some things done that have been piling up.

Give yourself permission to take care of yourself.

I hope you enjoyed these productivity tips and that you enjoy the holidays no matter what they look like this year.

Let me in the comments know which tip is your favorite or one that you would like to share!

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Much love,

Cassandra Rosa

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