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How To Achieve Your Goals With Ease

Hey Dream Achievers!

I was chatting with my ladies in my signature program, The Clarity Creation Course, and the topic of pressure that comes with working toward any dream or goal came up.

In this week's blog post we are talking about how to relieve this pressure in the journey of achieving your dreams.

Working towards your goals is a beautiful process, but it can often come with feelings of overwhelm and pressure.

How can you release that pressure and avoid overwhelm so that you can feel exhilarated and excited about the moves you are making toward your dreams?

To move past any feelings of overwhelm and pressure associated with achieving our goals we must pinpoint where those feelings are coming from or why we are experiencing them.

For me, I began to experience overwhelm and pressure at the beginning of my book writing journey. There were so many steps to bring it into existence.

Are you familiar with the idea of reverse engineering your goals?

It’s a goal-setting concept that allows you to pick a destination and map out the specific steps and time-frames you need to achieve those steps to reach the overarching goal. For example setting goals for every month of the year from the moment the year begins.

I tried this one on for size when I first got into goal setting and personal development.

Needless to say, it didn’t work for me. Instead of feeling excited, I felt more pressure and it became a weight on my shoulders. I also felt trapped and limited by my plan.

So why did this particular type of goal setting not work for me?

Sometimes life would get in the way, or I would intuitively feel the desire to go a different direction. If I did listen to that calling and switch directions I would beat myself up for not achieving what I had originally planned.

It was a case of destination syndrome, which is a concept that I came up with a while back. It means you are so focused on the destination and all the steps to get there that it becomes a more controlling and restrictive process than an expansive one.

I’ve found this tactic to be much more limiting than it’s worth. I choose to be in an expansive, creative state when working towards my goals and reverse engineering doesn’t leave space for that.

So what goal setting method should you use?

A way that I have shifted the reverse engineering tactic that has proven to be very effective for me and my clients is to create a vision is to:

Create a vision to help you get clear on exactly what you want to achieve. What do you see, what do you feel when accomplishing your vision, who is with you? Make it a multi-sensational experience. Get so clear on your vision that you can feel yourself living it as though it’s already your reality.

Next, list out all the necessary steps you need to take to achieve that goal. But don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by all the steps. That way you have some idea what is ahead.

Lastly choose one to focus on and get started. That first step is all you need to do right now. This way you won’t be held down by the overwhelming pressure keeping you in a constrictive stressed-out state.

Remember that as you work down the list, focusing on one thing at a time, you will get closer to your goal. You will come across different lessons and realize that you need to make changes as you go. That’s totally okay because you are completely clear on what you want to achieve and you are not restricted in the way you get there.

When you are manifesting and creating your dreams it should be the fun and beautiful experience you are embracing the journey and learning lessons.

I used this example with my Clarity Creators ladies.

Let’s imagine you are going on a road trip to a place you’ve never been to. You get in the car and turn on GPS. When you begin your journey your GPS says in 500 meters turn right. The first step, boom you achieve it.

Your GPS has you focused on one thing at a time, it’s simple and concise. It helps you get to the destination with ease. It doesn’t overwhelm you by showing you all of the directions at once, you can access them, but they are not constantly displayed causing you to feel overwhelmed and pressuring you to figure everything out at once.

And if you take a different turn, the wrong turn or simply decide you want to stop somewhere for coffee, guess what? It reroutes. No matter how many detours you take, or from what destination you begin you will get to where you are going.

So with whatever dream you want to achieve it’s important to have that action crystal clear, write down your action steps and focus on one thing at a time. Even if you get lost, you will be able to focus on that vision again and keep moving.

That has helped me relieve the pressure of trying to hit a thousand targets on the way to achieving my dreams.

Three Things You Can Do Right Now To Achieve Your Dreams:

  • Get clear on WHAT you want to achieve

  • Create a vision for what you want to create to stay focused on the big picture

  • Write down all the necessary steps in a list

  • Pick ONE and focus on and take the first step.

So what is your vision?

What goal are you going to achieve and what is the first action step you are going to take?

Share them with me in the comments down below!

Keep an eye out next Tuesday at 4 pm for my next blog post.

Sending you so much love and light,

Cassandra Rosa

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