Cassandra Rosa Clarity Creation Course C

The Clarity Creation Course

Are you seeking clarity of the steps to create your dream life and business?

Does this sound like you?

You got the degree, got a job and are not satisfied with the life you are living.  

You are ready to discover your life path and purpose.

Sick of the overwhelm, feeling stuck and being unsure what to do next.  

The little voice in your head is getting in the way of your success.  

Ready to make a change and you do not know where to start and are missing the tools to make it happen.  

If this resonates with you this program is perfect for you!!!

This 12 week program will help you

Connect to your purpose and path

Clear what's holding you back

Create your dream life and business

Get ready for the clarity of the next steps you've been looking for!!

I understand, I have been in your shoes...

Leading up to university graduation I had a major NOW WHAT moment just like you. I was completely uncertain of what I wanted to do next, my mind lead me down to the path of anxiety and depression. I spent many nights in my bed confused, overwhelmed, frustrated and paralyzed by uncertainty and fear. The phrase “Now What, Now What“ repeated through my head because I had no gameplan of what to do next.  

Then I was introduced to personal development, travel and volunteering, my life finally took a positive turn. I connected to my life purpose, I learned tools that helped me clear what was holding me back and I created my dream life and business. I am an award-winning speaker, intuitive life coach, reiki master, and author of the newly published book NOW WHAT: Create the Clarity to Achieve your Dreams.

Now I am super grateful to help millennials to find the clarity they need to create their dream life and business.  

Life Coach sitting at desk clarity creat

I am so excited to introduce to you...

The Clarity Creation Course

This 12 week program will help you

Connect to your purpose and path

Clear what's holding you back

Create your dream life and business

Clarity Questionaire Course Feature

Feature #1

A Clarity Questionnaire

This in-depth Clarity Questionnaire is designed so I can get to know you, see where you are at and what vision you have for yourself. 

Then we can work together to create powerful (yet simple) strategy on our first call together!

Coaching Calls Course Feature 2.png

Feature #2

12 Coaching Calls

I will provide you with simple tools that will help you immediately implement your goals so you are making it happen and building momentum. 

As your coach, I will support you every step of the way through this program personally. I will keep you accountable to make sure you are getting stuff done, and I will review your tasks on each of our weekly calls.

Community Course Feature 3.png


Feature #3

You will have access to the exclusive Achieve Your Dreams with Cassandra Rosa Facebook community where you can have unlimited support, exclusive Facebook Lives, and bonus tools. 

This is also an opportunity to be surrounded by like minded goal achievers just like you that will keep you accountable with your goals.

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"I absolutely LOVE Cassandra. She’s opened up so many opportunities for me that I can’t really thank her enough and I really appreciate her. If you are looking for someone who will help you dig deep to find out what it really is you want to do, to find that purpose, and to put an action plan into process, Cassandra is that one. You can’t beat the value and the work that you do with Cassandra. I've enjoyed all of our sessions so far, but our most recent one was right on time. Not only did she help me identify limiting beliefs I had, but also to reframe them into positive affirmations that I will now repeat everyday. If you’re on the fence about this Cassandra offers a clarity call to get a feel of what you'll be working on. I highly recommend her!"

Samantha, New York, USA

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