Cassandra Rosa Clarity Creation Course C

The Clarity Creation Course

A 3 Month experience to help you find the clarity to confidently create your fulfilling life
and business.

Are you seeking clarity of the steps to create your fulfilling life and business?

Does this sound like you?

Here's the problem want more out of life.

You are in a career that isn’t bringing you joy and you want out.

You aren’t clear of what path to take next and that’s making you feel lost, confused, anxious and stuck.

The lack of clarity is what is standing in the way of you fearlessing creating a life that lights you up.  

You are daydreaming about different paths to take but feel distracted by the overwhelming fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. 

You are overwhelmed by all the possible steps that you need to take. You are stuck in the how to bring your dream life and business to life into reality.

I've been in your shoes!

 I remember staying up at night thinking "NOW WHAT… What am I going to do with my life? I'm tired of waking up every morning to go to a job that doesn’t bring me joy. I want to have my own business and I don’t know where to start.”


Everything changed when I started to become clear of my vision of what a purposeful life would look like for me.

Once I knew where I was going, I became more focused on my path.

Next, I let go of all the fear and self-doubt which allowed me to let go of the resistance on all levels. I let it go mentally, emotionally, and energetically so I felt completely clear. 


That allowed me to take action confidently towards my vision consistently. Lastly, I made a plan of what steps to take. I knew how to make it happen that was keeping me stuck. 

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Your life can completely transform!

Now I go to bed every night with ease, filled with gratitude that I have manifested my daydreams and I have a business I'm truly passionate about.


A business where I am so excited to coach my dream clients based on the topics I love and get paid for doing so. 


I know what it feels like to feel lost in life and I know we all have what it takes to have a fulfilling life.


A life where we can travel the world, work from our laptops and impact people’s lives. 

All you need is a little support in the process of finding clarity. I am here to help you make it happen.

This is why I created 

The Clarity Creation Course

A 3 Month experience to help you find the clarity to confidently create your fulfilling life and business.

Here's what it looks like:

Step #1:  Clarify Your Path and Purpose - Gain clarity of what a fulfilling life looks like for you with my simple process so you no longer have question marks flying through your mind everytime you think of the future.

Step #2: Connect  to your Inner Confidence - Form unshakeable confidence so that you achieve your goals without having the fear and self doubt run the show.

Step #3: Create Aligned Action Steps - Build a blueprint to create your business simply and authentically so that you no longer feel stuck in how to start your business.

What my clients are saying!

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"I absolutely LOVE Cassandra. She’s opened up so many opportunities for me that I can’t really thank her enough and I really appreciate her. If you are looking for someone who will help you dig deep to find out what it really is you want to do, to find that purpose, and to put an action plan into process, Cassandra is that one. You can’t beat the value and the work that you do with Cassandra. I've enjoyed all of our sessions so far, but our most recent one was right on time. Not only did she help me identify limiting beliefs I had, but also to reframe them into positive affirmations that I will now repeat everyday. If you’re on the fence about this Cassandra offers a clarity call to get a feel of what you'll be working on. I highly recommend her!"

Samantha, New York, USA

Take a moment and imagine this...

Imagine what your life would look like to jump out of bed in the morning excited to work on your business.

Imagine feeling confident in your ability to check items off your to do list.

Imagine what it would feel like to know what steps to create a business that impacts others.

Imagine feeling fulfilled putting your head on the pillow at night to go to sleep.

This is possible for you. If I was able to do it you can too.

Clarity Questionaire Course Feature

Feature #1

A Clarity Questionnaire

($100 VALUE)

This in-depth Clarity Questionnaire is designed so not only can I know how to best support your but it will also kickstart some awareness and clarity within you. 

Then we can work together to create powerful (yet simple) strategy on our first call together!

Coaching Calls Course Feature 2.png

Feature #2

12 Coaching Calls

($3600 VALUE)

We will have weekly calls where I will provide you with simple tools that will help you immediately implement your goals so you are making it happen and building momentum. 

As your coach, I will support you every step of the way through this program personally. I will keep you accountable to make sure you are getting stuff done, and I will review your tasks on each of our weekly calls.

Community Course Feature 3.png


Feature #3


You will have access to a group messenger thread where we have multiple weekly check ins to keep you on track, and accountable to all the dreamwork I will give you on the weekly calls.

It also provides you with an opportunity to further connect with fellow group members and keep each other accountable to each other's goals. 

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Added Bonuses!

1  1-on-1 call with Me ($400 VALUE)

1 Intuitive Healing Sessions ($222 VALUE)

Subconscious Clearing Guided Meditation ($55 VALUE)

1 Clarity Card Readings ($88 VALUE)

12 monthly card readings ($600 VALUE)

12 Meditations ($120 VALUE)

Lifetime Access of the Replays (PRICELESS)


**The 1 pay and 3 pay options save 20% off!

VIP Option

All of the Above &

3 additional  1-on-1 call with Me ($1200 VALUE)

3 Intuitive Healing Sessions ($666 VALUE)

3 Clarity Card Readings ($88 VALUE)

Social Media Masterclass ($400 VALUE)


**The 1 pay and 3 pay options save 20% off!

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"I hired Cassandra as my coach a little less than a year ago, and I am so happy I trusted her (and myself) enough to take that leap! Working with her has helped me grow in ways I didn't even know I could. She worked with me to find clarity in my business, and since then, I've launched TWO amazing businesses! I continue to work with her to this day because the support and value I get is 100% worth it. She is so in tune with her clients, and her intuition helps make our coaching so much more successful. I would recommend her to anyone trying to find clarity in their life and business."

Kelsey, Connecticut, USA

I am a certified intuitive life coach and clarity creator. I help millennials to gain clarity of their path and purpose so they can confidently create their dream life and business. 

I am an award-winning author of the book Now What: Create the Clarity to Achieve your Dreams, award-winning speaker, host of the Clarity Conversations podcast, Reiki Master, and NLP practitioner.

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Hi I am Cassandra Rosa,

your group facilitator!

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